25 Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts – Specially For Your Toddler

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Selecting baby boy haircuts is no longer a simple exercise. Well, it might have been so a few years back but not now when there are so many styles, and kids have their say too. The basic thing is to give your boy the best haircut that will not only look great on him but also complement his looks. Of course, the final decision is yours but with a little professional help, you can settle for something better for your boy kid. Here are top baby boy haircuts that will leave him happy and you will be proud that you are his mum or dad.

# 1 Faux Mohawk

This is a style you can try with your little boy. Different from the conventional Mohawk, the side hair is not shaved but rather flattened to run downwards. The top part is raised to the size you may want for your kid. If he wants to keep his long hair, you can try to add smooth spikes and he will be a great look at school or a playground. 

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