55 Gorgeous Men’s “Back to School” Hairstyles – Ways to Look Young

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# 6 Half Pomp

Half Pomp


This half pompadour looks stylish and absolutely cool. It makes the face more elongated and is textured for added elegance. The sides are undercut to make the style quite easy to maintain.

# 7 Curls and Sharp Edges

Here is how you can change your curly locks a little bit to create an edgy look that is both stylish and elegant. The sides are given a skin fade to provide a clean finish. A blunt point adorns the back to give your hair a cool touch.

# 8 Natural Fall

This is how you can give your hair a more natural approach. The top is textured and styled to bring out the coolness of natural waves. It is a style that will definitely create that bold look in you.

# 9 Simple and Perfect

This style features great simplicity that makes it much easier to pull off. The hair is textured and clipped at the sides to make it slightly longer on top. It is slicked back to create a preppy and formal look.

# 10 Tapered Sides

Textured wavy hair can be quite difficult to style. But you can avoid all the hassle by giving a little taper on the edges. This gives you a sweet sharp look that is absolutely sexy.

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