50 Stunning Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men – Trendy Inspiration

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# 6 Hard Part Blow-Dry

Hard Part Blow-Dry


A hard part line is one of the most common things used to enhance hairdos and in this particular cut it is perfect. Apart from the hard part line on the side the blow-dried top and the medium fade on the sides also help to make this an amazing hairstyle for the modern man.

# 7 Short and Gelled

Choice of hair product also plays an integral part in how you look and so even if you get the cut right and fail on the product choice you will not get the looks that you want. In this haircut, the strands are shaved short and uniform throughout the head and gelled to give them an almost curly appearance.

# 8 Crown Slick Back

Some men know how to look elegant by getting everything on their hairdo correct. In this haircut, the size of the top hair and the undercut design is incredible, but the slick back makes everything much better.

# 9 Pushback Waves

If you have naturally wavy or curly strands, then it will be easier for you to pull this look but men with other types can also have it. The wavy locks at the crown should be about three inches or longer. They are also gelled and then pushed back with a comb. Sides and back should also be bald faded to create a disconnection with the full beard.

# 10 Overgrown Buzz

The buzz was initially a conservative military haircut, but nowadays it has been given different variations to make it a modern one. In this particular variation, the buzz is overgrown at the top while the sides have a zero fade.

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