50 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

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# 21 Braided Hairs with Topknot

A topknot adds some beauty to a nicely braided hair. To get the topknot right, the hairs are braided from different directions of the head but directed to the center where the topknot will be created. The braiding part is simple but some difficulties may come up when folding the topknot, but it will look just fine as long as no hairs are left protruding.

# 22 Unique Patterned Cornrows

Cornrows do not always have to be plain and simple as you can make yours look better with some patterns. Instead of the conventional vertical cornrows you can have yours flowing in a different direction and others crisscrossing each other to form a unique pattern.

# 23 Center Parted Side Rows

Another unique way to wear braids for long hair is to center part your hair and create distinct styles for the two sides. You can have one or two vertical braids on the one hand and then have few of them flow diagonally on the other side. Leaving some portions of hair unbraided in between the braids will make the style look much better.

# 24 Topknot and Side Braids Combo

Combining two elegant styles can give you that perfect hairstyle that you have always wanted. In this style, a nicely done topknot is combined with equally good side braids to give a look that every man with a long hair should consider trying. The side braids are also unique since they are divided into two sections with a center part. A single vertical braid is then made on one portion and a couple of diagonal ones made on the other half to finish the look.

# 25 The Heart Braid

The heart braid uses four braids to create a heart shape at the back of the head with the rest of the mane left to flow naturally. For this style, you should make two braids on opposite sides of the head and then bring them together at the back and tie with a band. Create two other braids on the sides (below the two) and bring them together at the back. You can then use the four braids to form the heart shape or any other shape at the back of the head.

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