40 Awesome Bryce Harper’s Haircuts – Legendary Inspiration

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Let me now give you an overview of the best haircuts by Bryce Harper. I will outline each one of them and provide a short, vivid description to help you get the picture. Brace yourself and let me introduce you to what is probably one of the most iconic haircuts in the world.

#1 Medium Top with Undercut Sides

Medium Top with Undercut Sides


In this haircut, the top is trimmed to medium length with some thickness to it. It features undercut sides and goes well with some beards added to it. This is a haircut that every baseball player is dying to get.

# 2 Black Dyed Long Slicked Back with Low Fade

Get lots of height and take slick hair to a whole new level with this stylish haircut. This haircut requires lots of length. Therefore you are automatically disqualified if you happen to have short hair.

# 3 Medium Half-Slicked Back with Low-High Undercut Sides

Medium, Half-Slicked Back Top with Low-High Undercut Sides


Ever read the celebratory hair flip? If yes, then you may have probably come across this haircut. In essence, it is actually hard to miss since it has become the signature hair flip of the year.

# 4 Wavy Top with Undercut Sides and Razor Part

This hair requires plenty of height at the top. And if you desire to achieve that extra look, then a beard might come in handy. The beard is cut short but remember to leave a bit extra length on the chin.

# 5 Laid Down Top with Front Flip, Low Fade and Razor Design

With this haircut, height is crucial – and of course plenty of it. And if you want to join the flow then it might be a good idea to give it a try.

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