70 Inspirational Buzz Cut Styles & Ideas – Dare to Be Defiant

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# 6 Clean Cut with Thick Mustache

Clean Cut with Thick Mustache


This style helps you achieve that clean buzz cut with no tapering on the forehead. A thick mustache comes in handy to give you that bold look.

# 7 Long Buzz Cut with no Beards

The mention of a buzz cut often brings to mind the picture of someone with short, well-trimmed hair. However, movie star Paul Walker changes all that by adding some height to it.

# 8 Long Buzz Cut with Beards

Jake Gyllenhaal adds a touch to the long buzz cut. He accompanies it with trimmed beards to bring out that mature look.

# 9 Faded with Stylish Line

This style features a razor cut L-shaped part line that provides a more dramatic appeal. The hair is razor shaved just above the ear line extending to the back in a way that completely separates the beards from the hair.

# 10 Clean Shaved Sides and Back

This is a haircut for that humble guy. The top is trimmed short while the sides are razor shaved to separate it form the beards. A thin beard line that has some thickness at the chin goes well with this buzz cut.

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