70 Incredible Sexy Faux Hawk Fade Haircuts – New in 2019

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# 6 Shy Mohawk

Shy Mohawk


The name is coined from the fact that it is not a full Mohawk cut since the spike middle top only goes as far as the drop of the back head and ends in a tapered impression. The sides are cleanly shaven to leave not-so-wide patch that gives rise to the ‘hawky’ crown.

# 7 Finger-Comb Long

Of all the styles you see here, this is one of the few that you will use your fingers to style it. The top is left edgy and runs low into the neck. The sides are treated to a combination of styles as upper area is tapered while the lower is cleaned to show the skin.

# 8 Fohawk Sweep

You must be amazed with the creativity of this cut because you never believed you could have a side sweep for the bubble family haircuts. Yes, it is there with the front top and the nape separated to make a distinction of 2 sweeps. It is wild, popular and you can have that look anytime you feel like it.

# 9 Short & Spiky

No show of skin at the sides but they are flattened to create the typical look for a hawk top. The top is left to medium length and then done to form front running spikes. Simplicity is here and you can go to your serious events without any jitters.

# 10 Cute Black

It brings out the handsomeness in your face by drawing away any hair strand to the forehead. The sides are finely combed backwards to form a lesser layer than the top. With only reserved combing, the top is tilted to the back but left vertical and with a spiky finish.

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