25 Sophisticated Gentleman’s Haircuts – Dare To Be Dashing

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Most men strive to behave like gentlemen; to be well mannered, courteous and treat others in a polite and virtuous way. They want their style to reflect the kind of person that they are – enter the gentleman’s haircut. A gentleman’s haircut is one that looks neat, slick and generally uncomplicated; never messy or untidy.

These cuts usually follow the dandy or pompadour fashion, but with the right styling they can be individualised as well. It’s all about having clean lines and subdued cuts that are trendy without being over the top. Let’s look at a few dashing examples:

# 1 Dandy Comb Back

Here the locks have been separated with a high parting with the right-hand side hair slicked back. On the left the hair has been combed up and back, creating a slight lift. 

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