25 Great Gatsby Hairstyles for Men – Bring Out the Dapper in You

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It would be inaccurate to say that the Gatsby hairstyle for men has just emerged because the classic hairstyle has been around for ages. This pomade hairstyle has seen numerous variations spawned around its elegant existence over the years.

The style is based on the side swept hairstyle associated with the sophisticated and the elite since time immemorial. The appeal still remains, making it one of the best choices for anyone looking to bring out the gentleman in him. Here are twenty-five variations of the elegant hairstyle.

# 1 Classic Side Sweep Hairstyle

This version of the hairstyle takes on a more 50s approach with a flat top and tightly side swept hair. This was more popular with the gentlemen of yesteryears but can still look dapper when it is done on medium to short hair. The bold parting line puts emphasis on the tapered sides.

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