60 Gorgeous Male Haircuts For Round Faces – Be Unique

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# 6 Long Side-Part Fall

Long Side-Part Fall


It does not mean that you cannot keep your long hair if you have a round face. Of course, you can keep it long and look fabulous. The long side part is one of the best cuts that round faced men will go for. You just leave you hair to grow downwards and then part it on one of the sides to form 2 different falls: one is longer than the other. This is a style that will allow your hair to grow freely and gives you an enviable appeal.

# 7 Bald Man Cut

Well, do not confuse the name to mean that this is a cut for the bald men. It is a clean cut which leaves less than an inch of your hair all over your head. It is simple yet a befitting style for men who want to pull a handsome look. It is even better if you have a thick beard that you only touch a little but leave the rest. This is the top look for men with thick mustaches, but you can still have it even without a thick beard.

# 8 Medium Plough Back

If you are looking for a style to make your otherwise long hair look like medium sized, this plough back should be a good option. The sides are shaved to almost an inch from the scalp. The top is layered into two: a wider top with a thinner layer. Then the top is combed backwards and ends at the start of the drop towards the neck.

# 9 Simple Classical Cut

If you are the type that does not want long hair and complicated styles, the simple classical cut is the best bet for you. The hair is reduced uniformly to almost 2 inches from the scalp. You can comb the top towards the front and the sides downwards to finish the great look. It never disappoints with this cut, and you can fit anywhere.

# 10 Long Back Haul

Are you the type that never wants to touch their long hair but you want it seeming not-so-long? The long-back haul is a definite answer for you. You just have to comb your hair backwards to give it a smoothing effect. You can tuck the lower side hair into the thick churns formed by the top layers. That’s a look many girls fall for, and you may have her finally.

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