25+ Sexy Images Of Zac Efron Hair – Inspirational Styles

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Zac Efron hair is dark blond and wavy, and he likes to keep it anywhere between short and medium but with various types of cuts and styling. No matter how talented you may be, as a celebrity, your image matters a lot. Looking stylish and modern is necessary if you want to remain on top of your game, and it is also good for business as it helps bring in the money. This actor is one of the celebrities that clearly understands this judging from how attractive he has always looked. Nothing demonstrates the importance of maintaining a good image than his mane. Over the years, he has worn many styles that have varied from fringes to messy hairdos. However, the following 28 are some of his most popular hairstyles of all time.

# 1 Spiky Fringe

Spiky hairdos may be quite hard to wear and maintain as they require the use of high-quality products, but Zac Efron seems to have little trouble with them. The spiky fringe that he occasionally wears involves a couple of inches at the top while the sides and back are scissor trimmed to about an inch or less. His type of mane and oval face shape are what make him look fantastic in this kind of haircuts.

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