60 Sharp Line Up Hairstyles – Precision Styling At Its Best

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# 6 Structured Shapes

Structured Shapes


Here the squared off hairline in front provides contrast to the brushed up quiff and draws the eye into the high, cantered parting.

# 7 Shape Up With Curly Hair

In this look, the natural curls gently fall over the straightened hairline while the temples feature a softer S-shaped design. These lines and the razor fade are perfect for controlling curly hairstyles.

# 8 Matching Lines

This model is wearing sharply shaped sideburns and the stylist has also given the base of his haircut a squared off shape.

# 9 Skillful Trim

This line up is impressive because not only has the barber created a unique shape over the temples and sideburns, but it’s been combined with a precision razor fade as well.

# 10 On The Edge

In this pompadour-inspired cut, the hair has been scissor snipped to give it an edgy texture and the barber has neatened the sides with a shape up. 

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