45 Awesome Man Bun Hairstyles – You Should Try It

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A man bun is a simple but stylish hairstyle that will help a man tame the flow of his long or medium length mane. To create this style all that you need to do is to pull your hairs to the center of the head or back and then wrap and pin it. Contrary to what most people think they do not all look the same, and you can create very fashionable one by twisting the hair inventively or combining with other hairdos. Although it is not always easy for men to design chic buns, the following 45 hairstyles will give you some ideas on what you can try.

# 1 Tight with Protruding Locks

The length of the hairs on this design is incredible, and it is what makes it possible to create it. It is a simple design to create since you only have to pull your strands to the center of the head and then tie them with a band. You should make the knot tight for it to look neat but you should also leave a few locks protruding from it to make the design unique. And if you pair it with full facial hairs you will have a very fashionable look.

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