50+ Trendy Mens Hairstyles For Long Hair In 2016

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Long men hairstyles are often thought to represent the kind of lifestyle that one lives, and so you can never afford to go wrong with your signature hairstyle. Although there are many long hairstyles to choose from not all of them are suitable for you because what looks good on a friend will not necessarily look nice on you. Before choosing a long hairstyle, it is important to understand some of the available types, how to wear and the kind of people that the suit most.

There are dozens or even hundreds of men’s long hairstyles and new ones are always coming up almost every single day. Due to this, it is practically impossible to sum up all the styles into a few of them or give them a specific number. However, the following 55 are some of the most popular and widespread men’s long hairstyles.

#1 Long Curls

If you have long hair with a lot of curls, you can combine them and create a unique hairstyle. To create this style you only need to apply a small amount of gel to your wet hair and give it some time to dry. This style is suitable for all hair densities and face shapes.

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