30 Fabulous Men’s Messy Hairstyles – Your Uniqueness

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Guys have been experimenting with men’s messy hairstyles for many years, and this has led to the development of different types of this beautiful hairdo. Although to some people these styles can look like somebody just forgot to comb, they are very modern hairstyles that can involve actual styling. Getting this look is easier than most others but it is still important to choose one that best suits you. Choosing the right one from the dozens available is paramount but for this to be possible you have to know some of the types available.

# 1 Short Waves

Wavy hair is the best type for messy style and is also the easiest to work with for most types of these hairstyles. Here wavy hair is scissor trimmed with more length left at the top of the head. Sides are then given a high fade and neatly shaved small facial hairs are also kept. Everything is beautiful in this cut, but the center of attraction is the mess created at the top by trimming the wavy hair.

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