120+ Most Popular Hairstyles For Trendy Men – Find Your Unique Style

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# 6 Modern Push Back

Modern Push Back


You can give a modern touch to any style that you want with a little creativity. In this cut, for example, long hair is maintained at the top with some undercut on the sides. Long mane is pushed back and some more detail added to the cut by a hard part line on the side.

# 7 High & Wavy

Some extra height at the top always makes a good haircut, but it looks even more amazing when the hairs are made wavy. For a finish you should have sides buzzed, or razor shaved to the same size as the sideburns.

# 8 Textured & Spiked

Textured and spiked hair looks fantastic especially when paired with a sculptured beard and moustache. You can keep the short textured spikes in uniform length throughout or give the sides a neat and level zero fade.

# 9 The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour has been in trend for several decades, and it will probably still be popular many years to come. However, even if you cannot make yours unique, you should ensure that you get it right by blow drying it well and using quality pomade.

# 10 V-Back & Textured Top

V back hair designs are now very common, and this is because they can bring out the best of any hair. In this particular cut, hair is given some lovely texture then skin shaved on the sides while the V design is created at the back. To finish the perfect look, the front is swept to the side.

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