45 Stunning Ryan Reynolds Haircuts – Trendy Superhero

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# 6 Soft and Short Waves

Soft and Short Waves


The classic fade on this style is what will catch the attention of most people because it is very skillful and professional. However, the style also has some soft and smooth waves at the top that make Ryan look very trendy.

# 7 Formal Back Sweep

This hairstyle gives Ryan a perfect formal look and also makes him look very sexy. It involves brushing up the strands at the front to provide them with some height and then pushing them back slightly. He also keeps the back and sides short to ensure all the attention remains on the style on top.

# 8 Side Part and Wavy Top

This design is one of Ryan’s most common ones however he spices it up with a part line on the sides. He also gives the waves at the top a lovely high fade on the sides to create a very attractive manly look.

# 9 Front Focus Caesar

Caesar haircuts are common with men who prefer to keep their locks short. However, this one looks very distinct because it has a modern touch that eliminates the bowl appearance and also makes the strands slightly layered and longer at the top than on the sides and back.

# 10 Simple Long Top and Short Sides

A haircut could not get more straightforward than this, but it still makes Reynolds look very elegant. All that he needs to create this look is to leave an inch of hair on the crown and then give the sides and back a fade.

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