75 Awe-Inspiring Shaved Side Hairstyles – The Hottest Trends

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# 6 Front Swept Blonde Bangs

Front Swept Blonde Bangs


Front swept bangs are fabulous but the ones on this design look very distinct, and this is not only because of their lovely blonde shade but also due to the perfectly tapered sides.

# 7 Elegant Steps and Curls

Curly locks create a fantastic look, but you can still take their appearance a notch higher like in this style. And to do this, you should create some elaborate steps on the side and give one of them a dazzling light blue shade.

# 8 Slick and Smooth Quiff

A short and smooth patch of hair on the crown can make you look stunning if you know how to style it. A good idea is brushing the strands to one side after giving them some gel and also keeping the sides short and faded.

# 9 Fresh Slick-Back

This style is easier to create than it looks and it involves creating a high tapering on the sides and leaving a few inches of hair in the middle. You should then finish the look with a slick back of the longer strands.

# 10 Classy Man Braid

You can do several things with the longer strands in the middle of your head, but few will look better than this. And it involves braiding them into a simple man braid that you should finish by tying into a ponytail.

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