80 Flirtatious Side Part Haircuts for Men – Choose Your Style

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# 6 Sweet Gray Taper

Sweet Gray Taper


The natural gray color of these strands is the first thing that will draw your attention. These strands also have a beautiful taper cut that maintains some length on the crown, and you should finish it with a side part and brush back.

# 7 Dazzling Classic Pomp

Most people will not know that this is a classic pompadour because it has a modern twist that makes it look very different. Apart from the dazzling golden shade it also has a sharp parting on the sides and skin fading that gives it a unique appearance.

# 8 The Taper Elegance

Replicating the layered brush back in this design should not be a problem because you only need to use some gel and a comb. However, the amazing taper fade on the sides will require some skills to get right, and if you add a side part on the design, you can be sure of a very elegant headdress.

# 9 Cute High Bald Fade Cut

The dazzling wavy strands on the crown make this design look complicated but it is not. In fact, you will only need a hold product for this. But, only a good barber can create the perfect razor line on the side and the high bald fade that are the highlight of this design.

# 10 Retro Cut for Thin Hair

If you are wondering what to do with your fine hair here is a beautiful cut that will work for you. It is a vintage design that entails giving the sides and back a bald fade and styling the long hair on the crown with a side part and by brushing it back.

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