60 Marvelous Men’s Side Swept Hairstyles – Neat and Sexy

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# 6 Messy Hipster Side Sweep

Messy Hipster Side Sweep


This haircut is also a hipster design but the longer locks on the top have a simple messy side sweep. The sides are tapered, but they are also not as short as what you would find in other haircuts.

# 7 The Grown Out Bowl

This look is what you get when you leave your bowl haircut to grow out. However, you can still create it by trimming your long locks and styling by sweeping them over the forehead in subtle layers.

# 8 Fabulous Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is one of those styles that will never go out of trend, and this is because there are limitless ways of creating it. In this particular one, it has a very original cut that entails tapering the sides to form an undercut. You should then finish the style by sweeping the long strands on the crown to the sides so that they can converge in the middle to form the faux hawk.

# 9 Blunt Cut Layers with Skin Fade

An undercut is a simple idea that can help enhance any hairstyle. However, it is not the only thing that makes this a top notch design because it also has some blunt cut smooth layers and an amazing skin fade on the undercut section.

# 10 Short Choppy Redhead

Red hair also works for men, and you only need to know how to cut and style it. In this style, it has some short bangs on the crown and a fade on the sides. You should style by up sweeping the bangs at the front to give them some height and finish by brushing the others sideways.

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