60 Cool Spiked Hair Designs – Styles That Will Make a Man Stand Out

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# 6 Heavy Texture and Bald Fade

6 Heavy Texture and Bald Fade


If you have thick hair, then you should not have trouble creating some top locks like these with a dense texture. Once you have them, you only need a messy front sweep and finishes with a bald fade on the sides.

# 7 Feathered Messy Hairdo

Feathered strands like the ones on this style will look and feel light on your head. And if you give them a zero fade on the sides and a messy look you can be sure of a chic haircut.

# 8 Front Swept Taper Fade

A clipper on the hands of an experienced barber can create a breathtaking look, and this design is a perfect example of this. It entails chopping the strands to form some short spikes at the top that you should style with a front sweep and give the sides a nice taper fade.

# 9 Beautiful Blue Pixie

Pixie cuts can also work for men, and this haircut proves this. The short pixie has a glossy blue shade and some short textured spikes that you should style by sweeping them sideways over the forehead.

# 10 Metallic Violet Bangs

Metallic violet is a unique shade and is enough to convince you to try out this haircut. However, the cut is also perfect and entails maintaining some thick and heavy textured bangs on the crown and giving the sides and back a smooth taper. 

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