30 Extra Chic Sponge Curls Ideas for Men – Easy and Funky

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Sponge curls are little dread like locks that any man who wants to keep up with the trend should try out. However, they work best for African Americans due to the natural texture and thickness of their hair. They are a very easy hairstyle to create, and you can either do it with bare hands or use a modern dread sponge if you want them to look uniform. And if you combine them with a fade or undercut on the sides you will look stunning. Below are 30 different variations of this funky style.

# 1 Thick Afro Curls with Zero Fade

This is exactly how it actually works. In this style, the sponge swirls come from a neat afro that is also very thick. The design is also slightly messy, and you should accentuate it with a zero fade on the sides.

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