70 Extra Chic Sponge Curls Ideas for Men – Easy and Funky

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# 6 Funky Twists with Razor Patterns

Funky Twists with Razor Patterns


These twists do not require you to use any tool because you can make them with free hands. However, the fade on the sides and the fancy razor patterns will need some skills and creativity to get right.

# 7 Texture Shaggy Curls with Perfect Line-Up

The texture of these afro curls is breathtaking, and the beauty of it all is the fact that they are natural. And making them messy and finishing with a line up on the sides is all you need to create a refined headdress.

# 8 Highlighted with Geometric Shape Up

Color makes a huge difference to your haircut, and this fancy design proves this. Here the natural sponges have a brown dye job that creates an amazing contrast with the natural dark hair. And if you combine this with the geometric shape you will have a very appealing hairdo.

# 9 Afro Curls and Bald Fade

Everything about this haircut is just amazing, and it entails leaving some long and messy afro curls on the crown. You should then give them a bald fade on the sides and finish the look by shaping up your facial hairs.

# 10 Short and Neat Sponge Hawk

If you want a unique Mohawk design, you should try making one with sponge curls. You should make them short and neat and maintain them in the middle of the head before fading the sides to form the Mohawk.

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