60 Breezy Styles For Spiky Hair – Show Your Trend

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# 6 Front Swept Bangs

Front Swept Bangs


Bangs are simply massively sized thorns and are perfect for men who do not like to keep the traditional thin ones. However, even with some nice bangs, it is still important to know how to style them for a fantastic look. In this particular hairdo, the long and full bangs are front swept to cover the forehead and still maintain a somewhat messy look, and this makes them look very attractive.

# 7 Long Wavy Front Sweep

Flat and wavy hair is charming and offers a degree of versatility that you would not find in most other types of hair. In this look, a beautiful hair type is maintained very creatively for a perfect finish. It starts with a scissor trim to taper the sides and to make them short with the long hairs left at the top. A simple side parting is created, and then the long wavy hair at the top is brought forward to cover the forehead, and it should be long enough to flow all the way to the cheeks.

# 8 Super Straight

This beautiful hairdo is a result of thorough blow drying, and it looks exquisite on a man that knows how to wear it correctly. You should first start by trimming the sides and back leaving only the crown hairs long. After this, some thorough blow drying will be required, and you will know that you have the right style if your super straight hairs can stick out over your forehead. You can arrange the sticking out hair neatly or just leave it as it is for a more natural look.

# 9 Scissor Cut Spikes

Sometimes a pair of scissors is all that you need to get a great haircut. However, scissors need to be in the hands of a skilled barber. Otherwise, you may end up messing up the intended look. The best thing with scissors like in this style is the incredible texture that it creates. And so all you will need to do for a perfect acute locks is to use some nice hold product as the scissors did all the hard work for you.

# 10 Cropped Top

Men who are not crazy about sticking up their hair but would still want to get sharp look can go for this cropped cut. Here a longer length is maintained at the top then it is cropped and styled forward to cover about an inch of the forehead. Sides are then given a simple but neat high fade to finish the look.

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