100 Charming Comb Over Haircuts – Be Creative

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# 6 Sexy Wavy

Irrespective of individual’s hair texture, it is easy to spot any type of comb over haircuts trending in modern times. Sexy wavy is among the trending styles that feature long top hair treated to a wavy style. The sides and the back required to be short in order to give the style a neat outlook. Trimming other facial hair to a short outline or desired design gives the option to customize the style making it unique.

# 7 Spiky Shine

A cool style for college and high school lads, the spiky shine features what maybe referred to as a traditional undercut. The top hair is left long and combed over towards the face. This is then continued in a fading design towards the side and the back leaving the edges of the hairline invisible.

# 8 Parted Sides with a Fade

For one’s who would like to spot the look of a superstar – this is the ideal choice. Featuring medium sized top hair and short shaved sides and back hair the haircut also incorporates a clear-cut line between the top and side hairs. This clear-cut line defines the contrast between the two sections hence the name.

# 9 Model and Calm Style

A bright and revealing appearance may be the terms used to describe this style. With tall top mane and fading sides, the top hair is combed towards the back with a inclination to one side of the face. The styles offer an opportunity for one to be noticed through revealing and making the face to be clear and visible.

# 10 Classic Vision Style

There are old habits that die hard. Such is what this look depicts – a tradition that has continued to trend for decades among men of all ages. The style features a polished side part fade, the part is created on the opposite of the direction to which the top hair is combed creating a clear line between the two sections and giving it a classic outlook.

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