25+ Eye-Catching Greaser Hair Styles – Find Your Fashion

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The greaser hair is from a time when looking good or keeping a beautiful mane was what defined a classy man. In the 1950’s it was all about style, but men were more conservative and would only go for hairdos that were simple but also elegant. The use of a generous amount of gel or pomade on any cut was found to be fashionable, and no look would be complete without this. Over the years, these designs have made a comeback, and the following 25 hairdos are examples of the favorite greaser styles that modern men wear.

# 1 Wavy & Tapered

Tapering helps men avoid cutting their hairs very short on the sides or fading them if they do not like it. In this style a longer top is maintained then the sides tapered to create a receding hair length as you move from the top. Some pomade or gel is then used on the mane and it is combed up and backwards at the top. The sides are also combed back to create a gorgeous wavy and tapered haircut.

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