50+ Eye-Catching Greaser Hair Styles – Find Your Fashion

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# 6 Quiffy Bangs

Quiffy Bangs


The scissor trimmed top bangs in this hairstyle have an incredible texture, and so they look fabulous when styled into a quiff. Sides and back are skin faded to the same level as the facial hairs. In styling the quiff, some pomade is used and then the hair is styled up and slightly to the back.

# 7 White Rockabilly

White hairs are a sign of aging, but they make a fantastic hairstyle if designed creatively and in most cases a quality product is all that is needed. In this particular look, the sides are slicked back with the longer top being styled up and forward. Note that this look is only possible due to the generous use of some gel.

# 8 Pointy Top

This cut is all about making the top appear pointy, and so a hold product will play a significant role here. The cut is simple as it only involves leaving a longer crown and neatly trimming the sides. After application of the hold product, the mane should be styled forward to converge at the front and then rolled up to create the pointy front.

# 9 Simple Greaser

Sometimes keeping things simple creates a fantastic greaser look, and so this is a great hairstyle for men who do not like to draw too much attention but would still love to look elegant. The mane is trimmed short and uniform throughout. Some gel or pomade is then used, and the front nicely textured hairs pushed forward to cover an inch of the forehead.

# 10 Greased Slick Back

The slick back is one of those simple looks that have been around for many years. But, in this hairdo, it is greased up to make it look more attractive than the traditional one. Here the hair should be a uniform length, and if you have short or medium you will only need to grease it, and no cuts are necessary. It is then slicked back with a comb for a perfect finish.

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