Be Best For Him: Advice from Famous Women

The more you care about your health, the more chances to live a full-fledged long life and be loved you have.


Do not let anyone and anything stop you on the path to your goal

Catherine Schwitzer is the first woman to officially take part in the Boston Marathon.

During the race in 1967, security tried to remove her from the distance with force because women were not allowed to participate in this competition.

But Catherine did not stop. Her photos were in the front pages, and the fact itself went down in history.

To change the attitude of the public, Schwitzer organized races for women in 27 countries. More than a million women took part in them.

This convinced the International Olympic Committee to include a women’s marathon in the 1984 Olympic Games.


Allocate time for yourself

When you need to combine work, family, hobbies and many more things, finding time for yourself is very difficult. But you will become better only when you begin to put your well-being in the first place. This is indicated by the creator of the ClassPass fitness subscription Payal Kadakia.

When the next time you are going to cancel the evening training, to finish the business, stop. These doings can wait. Your health and well-being – can’t.

“Find something that inspires you,” Kadakia advises. “No day should be wasted.”


Strive for more, but do not overdo it

World champion in marathons with obstacles Amelia Boone recently got injured, preparing to compete for her dream.

The dream had to be postponed, but Amelia is not going to give up. This incident taught her that sometimes it is useful to rest.

“We have to put up with the physical and psychological consequences,” Boone says. – In sports you need to constantly improve and strive for more, but sometimes you just fail. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete.”


Do what you love yourself, not what others impose on you

Even if everyone goes for yoga or bicycle aerobics, you do not have to sign up for the same classes. Whatever complexities or complexes you try to overcome, be yourself.

Create your own rules. Do not think that you need to adjust to something. Do what you love. This applies not only to sports, but to life in general.

If you want to visit an international marriage site in order to find your love, just do it. Always choose your own way.


Do not be afraid to recognize your achievements

If you succeeded, for example, lose weight or for the first time run a kilometer, do not hesitate to share it. Do not let anyone deprive you of a sense of pride in your victories. Even if they are quite small.


Try new

Yes, it’s scary. Especially when you are not sure that you will cope. But it’s important to start. You certainly will do more than you thought. Try a new hairstyle, a new food, visit a new place whenever you feel exhausted from life!

“Every time I go to a training session that seemed unbearable to me, I’m getting better as a leader,” says Kadakia. “It helps me overcome difficulties at work and in my personal life. And these difficulties open up new opportunities.”


Do not try to deal with everything alone

When something does not work out for you, share it with your loved ones and ask for help.

“It’s easy to talk about enjoyable, to talk about your victories. But it’s much more difficult to open up when something goes wrong, ” Boone says. “I would like to see more women to speak frankly about their difficulties.”

Do not keep everything in yourself. Ask for help. Surely your loved ones will share their thoughts and advice with you.