Best 10 Hairstyles for Men in 2019

Have you ever tried to choose the right hairstyles for men? Then you know that it is quite a big deal. Well, the men hairstyle should be easy to deal with — there are not too many people who would be happy to spend an hour or two to get the hair done in the morning. On the other side, the hairstyle should be more or less trendy and look nice.

To make it easier for you to choose the haircut, we present a list of 10 best hairstyles for men. Some of them you already know but they are all going to be popular in 2017. Even if you don’t follow the trends, you should check them in order to ring the changes into your look.

Buzz cut


Short men hairstyles are usually the most popular among the boys and men of all ages. And the shortest haircut besides the clean shave is definitely the buzz cut. If you like short and smooth hairstyles that take little to no time to style, go for this one. It perfectly fits the square or oval face shape but will look nice with round faces as well. In case you are into more structured styles, leave the hair a little bit longer on top.

Crew cut


The crew cut is of those hairstyles that look fashionable but still stay on the safe side so you don’t look like you’ve spend a fortune on your look. This haircut looks perfect with any style whether you are wearing classic suits or sports clothes. When a barber creates the crew cut, the hair is kept longer in front and tapered according to the shape of the man’s face and the head while the back and the sides are left short.



Despite its name, the pompadour cut will not turn you into a French nobleman. If you have never seen how the pompadour looks, think about Elvis Presley and the 50s. It was very popular in that time and is still looking great and worth trying. This one does require some time and styling products to style but you can limit yourself to a styling gel or foam and a small hairdryer.

Faux Hawk


If you are more into long hairstyles for men but don’t know which one to pick, try one of the many kinds of the faux hawk. It can be created with more longer or shorter hair and styled in many different ways. You can even buy two different styling products with the glossy and matte finish and get two different looks in one haircut.

Flat top


The flat top is a good choice for those who has short and straight hair and want to create a classic look that will be office-friendly yet good-looking. The hair is cut horizontally on top to create the almost flat surface. This hairstyle is not really changeable even with styling products so make sure you will like the final look before you go to the barber.

Beach curls


If you have curly hair and would like to keep it long, choose the beach curls and you won’t go wrong. This is not one of the new men’s haircut 2017 but it doesn’t look old school or boring as it reminds of sunny days and surfing experience. Moreover, it doesn’t require any advanced styling — just apply a drop of texturizing spray and let the hair dry.

Comb over


This was definitely one of the signature looks in 2016 and will stay popular in 2017. The hair is kept longer on one side and then combed over to another side to create the sleek and modern look. To make it even more hipster, ask your barber to shave the part to emphasize the difference between the longer and the shorter hair.

The High and Tight


The high and tight cut looks similar to the buzz cut but with the most sharp transition between the longer top and the almost clean shaved sides. It is a more military-looking style so consider it while choosing the clothes to wear with this look.

Clean shave


A clean shave is not only for the men who start getting bald but also for those who wants to look stylish in 2017. If you have more or less balanced head shape, you can easily shave it clean and forget about any styling in the morning.

Long hair


If you’ve had enough of short hairstyles, grow your hair long in 2017. Make sure your long hair is always clean and well-styled unless you want to look like a hippie. It’s ok to wear long hair both with straight and curly hair, just choose the styling product that fits your hair texture.

These are top 10 men hairstyles to pick and wear in 2017. You are welcome to experiment and add new details to them if you want — try it, but don’t forget what current hairstyle trends are.