90 Creative Taper Fade Afro Haircuts – Keep it Simple

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# 6 Simple Clean Taper

You do not have to shave a lot of your naturally textured locks to create an elegant look. A simple tapering on the sides is enough to give you a refined style like this one. And the only thing you have to do is to give it some sharp angles and also do the tapering neatly.

# 7 Modern Full Fade

Modern haircuts like this one do not exaggerate anything, but they have very precise and skillful cuts. The design has a flawless full tapering and the strands in the middle should be tapered towards the back and finish by combing them to create a neat look. You should also trim your beard and shape it innovatively as this will enhance your overall appearance.

# 8 Artistic Blurry Fade

Blurry fading may be a simple hairdo, but this one looks very distinct because it has a dramatic cut that makes it look splendid. The razor cut lines on the sides are marvelous, and they give the style a trendy look. However, the simple pony knot on the crown also adds to the beauty of the design.

# 9 Twisted and Curved Locks

The natural twisted locks on the top of this headdress look amazing, and they will make a man look very refined. They also have a brightly colored patch that enhances their appearance. However, the curved line at the front and the high fade are still what makes this a classy style.

# 10 Dreadlocked High Fade

It is always hard to shave your dreads even when you want to change your appearance. However, you can still maintain them on the crown like in this style and then have a skin fade on the sides to create a polished look. By doing this, you get to keep your dreads and also change your overall appearance.

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