60 Awesome Asymmetrical Haircuts for Men – Feel the Vibe

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# 6 Urban Bedhead Style

Here we see shiny dark hair that has been scissor cut to create layers and texture. The hair on the right-hand side is slightly longer and has been messily brushed forward.

# 7 Choppy, Dark Amber Hair

Here a blended undercut has been performed along the sides to trim the hair to the same length as the facial hair. The rest of the hair has been cut to have various lengths with choppy edges and then given a tousled look.

# 8 Smoky Gray Ombre

This guy has let his locks grow out on top while the back and sides are shaved into a tight undercut. He has a dark base color with a light gray/white ombre that has been combed to fall over the undercut.

#9 Suave Asymmetrical Style

His chestnut hued hair has been allowed to fall naturally along the crown and small sections have been ironed into waves which fall just past the eyebrows.

# 10 Strong Asymmetrical Cut with Golden Highlights

In this picture we see a high, tight undercut on the left-hand side while the hair on the other side of the parting is long, falling to the shoulders. This long hair has been highlighted with a golden blonde color which adds shine. 

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