100+ Amazing Bald Fade Hairstyles – New Impressive Ideas

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# 6 Nice Guy Appearence

Yet another short style but this one comes with a promise of flexibility. It is shaved to almost an inch or less from the skull. Sides are left to make a smooth connection to the sideburns. It is a definite nice guy look in every way. No matter the shape of your face or head, you have it all complemented by this cut. You can walk into any occasion and be a catching look for those around you.

# 7 Rough Top

You would not be the first to fall in love with this cut the first time you see it. Intended for the guys who want a not-so-lofty top, the rough top is left with its pointed tips given slight tilt to the front. Shaved sides add the final impression of a tall top. A forehead is left boasting of a smooth hairline that makes you outstanding.

# 8 Sparkling Brown

The truth of it is that there is a sparkle in every strand. Double-layered sides lead to a longer top mop that is left wavy but compounded to form a solid look. It is a shiny cut that can be noticed from far. Such a choice would be perfect for a change and you can use its adaptability to your advantage.

# 9 Acute Hairline

Short and homogenous, acute hairline is popular with top basket players. May be what they like about it is its ease in maintenance. Once you are done at the barber, you will not need any further maintenance until you need another cut.

# 10 Rounded Curly Top

Sides are shaved to form a rounded band along the lower sides. A top is left in medium size. It goes outwards and up forming a tree-like figure. It is left with its natural curls. A front is grooved into a thick and round effect with a clear hairline. 

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