Top 10 Best Beard Conditioner Reviews 2021 – Healthy Guide

You will find men looking for the best beard conditioner, because keeping a beard is one thing and having a perfect one is another. Whether it is your Movember facial hair or you just like keeping longer stubble, a quality conditioner will make them look more attractive and healthier.

Beards grow naturally for most men, and so there is no secret behind getting it except just letting your facial hairs grow long. However, they look very different for men with some being neat and very attractive and others a total mess.

The reason behind this is the grooming and choice of product. And the most important product when it comes to it is a conditioner. With the many manufacturers and distributors getting one should not be a problem.

But if you want your beard to stand out you have to buy the best, and the following 10 are the top ones currently on the market.

# 1 Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Wild Willies Beard Butter

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter is one of the few beard balms currently available on the market that is made with natural ingredients. Due to its composition, this conditioner will not only condition your beard but also treat it to make it look healthier than ever before.

This product can also be used for the same effects on the moustache. And unlike others, it does not have a greasy look and so when using it most people will only notice the beauty of your facial hairs and not the obvious use of a conditioner.


What Makes It Special

What makes this conditioner stand out is that it is made from 13 all natural ingredients. And this is not just a marketing thing like it is the common trend in this industry. Just by looking at it and the effects that it has on the facial hairs will reveal that it is made from natural ingredients.

Another extraordinary thing is the fact that it does not use one natural ingredient but a blend of 13 that include essential oils, vitamins, and powerful kinds of butter. As if all these natural ingredients are not enough.

All their conditioners are handmade just like in the good old days. No preservatives, colorants or fragrances are used in this product to ensure that it remains natural.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Since it is an all natural product it can be used on any beard or moustache and the results are amazing. Provided you have some facial hairs you can use this product, and the only thing that you need to do is to reduce the amount when applied on shorter beards.

To use it you should first dry the facial hairs with a towel after a shower. You should then rub the conditioner on your hands and apply to the beard. However, do not apply too much as this will make your hair look greasy.


What are its Pros?

  • It is handmade from 13 all natural ingredients
  • The conditioner comes in a small compact packaging that you can easily slip in your pocket
  • Wild Willie’s Beard Butter also strengthens and hydrates your beard and hence encouraging faster and consistent growth
  • Some of the natural ingredients in this butter cream will help prevent dandruff, itching and split ends
  • For men who consider the appearance of a product then this will make the cut as it has a stylish tin design and logo


# 2 Honest Amish Beard Balm-Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm-Leave-in Conditioner

What makes Honest Amish Beard Balm to be the best beard conditioner is that it is also made from natural ingredients.

The making of this balm starts with a blend of natural hair strengthening botanicals that are then infused in avocado, virgin pumpkin seeds and many other natural compounds.

Essential oils and many other nuts and fruit butter that are known to promote beard health are then added to finish the product. The best part comes from the fact that all men can use it since the kinds of butter used to make it are vegan-friendly.


What Makes It Special

The Honest Amish is a product of skills that have been passed down from one generation to the other since beards have been an important part of the Amish culture.

High-quality ingredients that were used decades ago are still the same, but they have been given a modern touch with new research on the best ways to maintain the facial hair.

What makes this conditioner special is that unlike others it is easy to apply since its pours effortlessly. All you need to do is to rub on the fingers and then gently apply to the dry beard.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Honest Amish can be used on any size but like most types of conditioners, it works best for short beards or those when the hairs are just coming out as it helps to stop any itching that may be caused by new hair growths.

It is also very helpful in taming wild rogue hairs. However, to get the best from this, you should make sure that you use it on a regular basis.

Even if you have fine beard type, you can still use this product since it does not have any man made chemicals or any other product that is thought to have adverse side effects on the stubble or skin.


What are its Pros?

  • It is made by one of the most reputable names in the manufacture and distribution of beard care products. The manufacturers also use the knowledge that has been passed down for centuries to ensure that they have a perfect beard conditioner.
  • The effectiveness of this product is almost instant because once you apply it, any itching disappears almost immediately.
  • Unlike other conditioners, it is packed in a recyclable tin that will also not leak.
  • It has a lovely natural smell as there are no artificial fragrances added.
  • With this product, you will never have to worry about split ends or dandruff ever again as it will provide the perfect solution for these issues.
  • Compared to the service that it offers the price is very affordable, and the amount of product on the tin will also last for some time.


# 3 Smooth Viking Beard Balm

Smooth Viking Beard Balms

Nothing is more annoying than an itchy beard especially given the effort that it took to keep it to the length you wanted. It can be so frustrating, and you may end up even shaving the beard, but this should never be the case when using the Smooth Viking Balm.

This product has been designed for the a man who wants to enjoy a full beard or any other size that he wishes without having to worry about things such as split ends and itchiness.

Although this balm does everything that a standard beard condition is expected to do and much more, its the primary focus is strengthening and thickening.

It is also stickier and hence has a magnificent hold making it perfect when you want to style your beard. Just like all the other Smooth Viking Beard products it is made from fresh, natural ingredients that include Argan oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Essential oil and many more.

There are many ways to describe this beard care product but perfect is probably the best one as with this balm you will never find the need to use anything else.


What Makes It Special

What makes this balm one of the best beard conditioners is that it has been manufactured with ingredients that can tame the biggest and messiest beards. Apart from conditioning your hair to perfection, this product will also help you style it how you wish.

In fact, the Smooth Viking balm works much better than most products that are manufactured specifically for giving the beard some hold.

The natural ingredients used are also essential in maintaining good beard health, and they give you the freedom to wear any facial hair length and volume that you wish.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Due to its incredible hold property, this balm is best suited for long facial hairs that need to be styled. By using this product on your beard, you need not use anything else to give it a perfect look.

However, this is not its only useful property because it also makes the beard look fuller than usual. And hence, this means that it will be perfect for men with thin beards.

By applying a small amount of this balm on a thin beard, you will be able to make it fuller and so making it possible to wear any beard style that you wish.

To use this product you should scoop a small among and rub between your fingers before applying on the beard. For perfect results, the hairs should be clean and dry.


Pros of the Conditioner

  • It has such a strong hold that it can be used to style the beard when it is very short or as it is growing.
  • This balm can be used even on very short hair as it will still help create an incredible style and also make the hair look fuller than other products. And the best thing is that you only use a little amount to get this perfect results, and so a 2oz tin will last for quite some time hence saving you some cash.
  • You never have to worry about any side effects or skin reaction because it is made of all natural ingredients. There is not even a preservative, colorant or fragrance used in the product.
  • If by any chance this balm does not live up to your expectations it comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee that lets you return it for a full refund with no questions asked.


# 4 Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm

Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Care Balm

The Professor Fuzzworthy’s Balm is made in Tasmania, Australia and it is an exceptional beard care product in many ways. The first thing that you will notice before you even get to use it is that the tin is heavier than similar products.

It weighs 4oz meaning that there is more balm in there than what you will get anywhere at the same price. The ingredients used to produce it are also not only just natural but unique.

One of these elements and also the primary one is the Leatherwood bee’s wax that comes from a single flower. Other ingredients in the product include organic Australian olive and jojoba oils that are perfect for conditioning facial hairs especially the moustache.

The Leatherwood is also very beneficial when it comes in styling and so with this product a man can always be assured of a sharp look.


What Makes It Special

Leatherwood bee’s wax is the most important ingredient in this product, and it is also what makes it a unique product.

It is a rare type of wax that is more efficient than pure oils in moisturising the hair as it works by sealing in moisture and hence ensuring that the beard remains hydrated throughout the day.

Apart from this wax the other ingredients like jojoba and olive oils and the rosemary and essential oils combine well to ensure that your beard remains strong and healthy regardless of its size.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Due to the quality of ingredients used on this product, it is suitable for use on any size of facial hairs. To use on a very long beard, you only need to increase the amount, but you should be keen not to use too much because your facial hair will not look attractive.

However, men with a growing beard will find it more useful as it will help them stop the itching associated with these facial hairs.

When using it, you should scoop a little and then rub it between your fingers till it is warm. You should then apply it thoroughly on your beard or moustache starting with the roots to the ends


Pros of the Conditioner

  • The unique wax used makes it perfect for styling as it has an incredible holding ability. This wax also helps to seal in more moisture than the conventional oils meaning your hair stays hydrated through the day.
  • It gives the facial hairs an attractive and healthy gloss that also makes it easy to shape and trim and hence with this balm you can wear any style that you can think of.
  • It is more economical since there is a lot of product in the tin than what most other companies will offer and the extra quantity does not make it more expensive.


# 5 Honest Amish-Heavy Duty Beard Balm

Honest Amish-Heavy Duty Beard Balm

Honest Amish is known for the manufacture and distribution of some of the best beard conditioners and other care products. It is one of the most trusted names in this industry and thousands of men across the globe rely on their products to keep their faces looking sharp and healthy.

The Heavy Duty Beard Balm is one of the products that helps them continue to build their good reputation, and it also makes their products all inclusive as it is different from most of their other beard care products.

What sets it apart from the others is the fact that it has been developed with a thicker consistency and will also give the facial hairs more control and make it softer.

Although all the other Honest Amish conditioners have the ability to condition your beard and leave it looking outstanding, the Heavy Duty has unique properties that will make things even much better.

Using this product you would be tempted to think that it has been developed with all new ingredients due to the results that you get, but the only notable difference from the other Honest Amish balm is the increased consistency that gives it the heavy duty name.

More consistency also means that it can be able to work on the wildest or messiest facial hairs.


What Makes It Special

Although it might not be as softening as the other Honest Amish Balm, it still has some excellent properties that make it unique. Key among them is the increased consistency that will help you get better control than others.

It also gives the same conditioning effect as the regular version. Its conditioning property can even be better than the regular version if the facial hairs are very long and wild.

This balm will also last longer than the other mainly due to the increased consistency as you will only need a small amount to work on the beard no matter how long it may be.

Although it is not a sculpting type of wax it holds well and just by using it your beard style will remain intact for several hours even without application of any other hold product


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

All beard care products from Honest Amish have been produced for use on any facial hairs, but there is always that one type of hair that a product works best on.

The heavy duty is best suited for use on long facial hairs especially those that are very hard and dry. Its thick consistency gives it the ability to tame any hair type and leave it looking fresh, softer and healthier.

Men who also have issues with strays when styling their beard also need to consider this product as it will help them solve this problem. A hair that has been styled with this balm will never have any strays provided it has been applied correctly and in the right amount.

To use this conditioner, the hair should be damp and clean. You should then rub a little between your fingers and apply by starting at the tips and working your way down.


Pros of this Conditioner

  • Just like the regular Honest Amish, it is made from thirteen 100% natural ingredients, and so you should not be misled into thinking that chemicals have been added to increase consistency.
  • It has an old fashion natural scent since no fragrances are added. This might sound outdated, but you will be amazed at just how good and natural this scent is on your facial hairs.
  • The fact that it is manufactured by one of the most trusted brands globally shows that you can be assured that you will only be buying a high-quality product.
  • Due to its heavy consistency tit will last for more than a month for most facial hairs and this makes it very economical.


# 6 All American Gentlemen Beard Salve Balm

All American Gentlemen Beard Salve Balm

Growing a beard is a great experience, but you will only get to enjoy it if your beard looks attractive. It is easy to get the right size as you will only require patience. Making it look beautiful is, however, more challenging.

Problems such as split ends are just a few of the things that you have to overcome for a perfect facial hairs. However, to make things easier for you a product like the All-American Gentlemen Beard Salve Balm is a must have.

This lovely product conditions and softens your facial hairs for a healthier and more attractive look. To make things better, its made from natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to be beneficial to the hair and have zero adverse effects.


What Makes It Special

The fact that it is made from a reputable company is enough to make it a special balm but apart from this several things make it an outstanding product. Key among them is the fact that it has been developed with the end user in mind.

It will not only condition your hair but will also offer you a lot of conveniences. You need not wash anything out since it is designed to be rubbed in and left to make your whiskers look thicker and softer. It also just makes you feel good since you can always be assured that your beard is beautiful.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

This best beard conditioner is for men who keep a beard no matter how short or long it might be as it works perfectly well on all of them.

However, it will work particularly well for men who have dry, itchy and frizzy facial hairs as it will take away all these issues even with the first application.

Apart from this, men with a terrible facial skin on the chin and along the beard line can also benefit from the properties of this product.


Pros of this Conditioner

  • The biggest advantage for this product is that it has been developed with the right ingredients and a perfect consistency to tame even the craziest beard. Even if everything else fails to tame your facial hairs this beard salve will not.
  • It is extremely easy to apply as you only need to scoop a small amount, rub it between your fingers for a couple of seconds and then apply thoroughly on your beard making sure that you touch all the strands.
  • Few if at all any beard conditioning balms smell as good as this one. There are no artificial fragrances added and the incredible smell only comes from the natural ingredients used.
  • What most men hate about these beard products is the greasy feeling that they leave after application. With the All-American Salve, you never have to worry about this since it keeps the hairs feeling natural after application.


# 7 Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner

Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner

As a man, you no longer have to rely on the sharp razors to make a statement as there are other ways to make your beard stand out. Although the blade is perfect for giving it some nice shapes and trim this is not always enough to make your whiskers look attractive.

After the trims and shave the best way to keep your facial hair looking sharp and elegant is through the use of the best beard conditioner such as Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner.

With such a conditioner you will never have to worry about how your face looks and issues such as itchiness and skin blemishes will be a thing of the past.

Apart from making your beard look better, this product is also sodium chloride and paraben free and this makes it safe for use by any man no matter how sensitive their skin may be. Instead, it contains wheat amino acids whose effect on beard health and softening will always leave a man with a smile.

Breakages and wild strands that are characteristic of unkempt beards will also no longer be issues as Mr. Rugged conditioner will bring more control to your beard and hence giving you the freedom to keep any length that you want.


What Makes It Special

This beard balm conditioner contains some unique products that provide you with a solution to all the common beard issues that men are faced with. One of the most remarkable things with this conditioner is that it also contains silicones.

These silicones are very beneficial to the facial hairs since they provide protection against heat that is the leading cause of beard breakages. Despite having these compounds, the product is still perfectly safe for use on chemically treated or colored whiskers.

Another distinctive feature in Mr. Rugged is that it has a unique fragrance. Although the scent is artificial, it is the best smell that most men will ever find in the best beard conditioner.

However, even with the addition of the fragrance, it still maintains a 99.9% use of natural ingredients since there is nothing else artificial apart from the scent.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Mr. Rugged is a multipurpose beard conditioner that can also be used in styling. However, due to the quality of the ingredients used it will be perfect for men with problematic beard.

If you experience itchiness and irritations, then this product will work better for you than any other that is currently on the market. Men who also face issues such as excessively dry facial hair even after the use of a product will also find this conditioner very beneficial.

Since it is made from all natural ingredients, you will need to rub it on your hands before applying it. Scoop some balm and rub it on your hands for a couple of seconds for it to liquefy. You should then apply thoroughly on the facial hairs and use an extra amount if you have excessively dry facial hairs.


Pros of this Best Beard Conditioner

  • Deals with beard irritations and itchiness faster and more efficiently than any other conditioner on the market.
  • It has an incredible fragrance that will leave you smelling classy and fresh all day. The scent is also adamant, and anybody standing next to you will easily feel it.
  • Softens the facial hairs and also has a holding effect. This makes it easier for you to groom and trim the beard.
  • This balm will safeguard your facial hair from the elements, and it also has a rich, nourishing capability.


# 8 Beard Balm

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is all you need to grow a beard that will leave people staring at you everywhere you go. The fact that it is designed by a company that has been handmaking beard care products the old fashion way for many years is sufficient enough to convince you to try it.

However, the ingredients, smell, and consistency are unlike anything else currently on the market. It is made from organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, medical grade lanolin, lemon peel essential oil and other essential oils from flowers.

All the oils used are natural and organically grown, and there is no other chemical added except the lanolin that is very beneficial to your beard and also on your skin.


What Makes It Special

In the good old days beard balms used to be handmade and so each tin got all the personalized attention that is needed, but things have changed as everything nowadays is profit driven.

Conditioners now are made at industrial scale using machines and so you cannot always be sure that you get the right mixture in the tin that you buy. Beard Balm is special because the manufacturers in Detroit still make it by hand using the old fashion and natural techniques.

With this balm conditioner, you can rest assured that somebody took the time to make sure that you have the right mixture and quantity. Perhaps this explains why it has been so effective in keeping facial hairs looking fresh and neat for men in different parts of the USA.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

Beard Balm is perfect for beard growing beginners especially those that know little about maintaining their beard as it provides a solution to the tons of problems men go through as they begin keeping a beard.

With Beard Balm issues such as itchiness, irritations, split ends, patchiness, frizz, and tangles should never have to worry you. If you consistently use this conditioner, you will not even notice your hairs grow to the length that you have always desired as it will be an enjoyable process.

Apart from the beard beginners, it is also useful for men with long full beards as it makes them look more stunning than when using other conditioners.


Pros of this Conditioner

  • It is handmade to ensure that you get a personalized and quality product that will always leave you a happy man.
  • Beard Balm has a unique scent that comes from the geranium flower, eucalyptus leaf, and lemon peel. These ingredients are blended to create a scent that will leave you smelling fresh all day.
  • This conditioner will help a man break away from the daily shaving ritual as he can now be able to keep a long and attractive beard.


# 9 Honest Abe’s Beard Balm

Honest Abe Beard Balm

Honest Abe’s Beard balm draws inspiration from President Abraham Lincoln, who arguably had one of the best beards ever. His whiskers had all the characteristics that define an excellent beard. It was moist, thick, full and very long and many men are always trying to replicate such perfection.

However, with this balm, this is possible, and very easily attainable provided you use it consistently, and the best thing is that it does not take a lot of effort or product. Applying a few pinches of this beard balm every day will transform your beard in days and not weeks or months like others claim.

Making the perfect product does not just come as it is a result of a long research process and trial and error. This product is what it is today is a result of many years of research on different products that are considered beneficial to the beard.

And so with these beard balm, you do not have to experiment with your whiskers as you only get to use a product that has been tested by thousands of men and proven to be very effective.

The ingredients are all natural and if you add this to the fact that it is handmade you get one of the best beard conditioner in the USA and probably also globally.


What Makes It Special

Some men usually have an issue with certain types of beard balms due to the ingredients used. For example, vegans do not like to use any merchandise that has traces of animal products.

The manufacturers of this conditioner have been in business for long enough and so have the experience to know what is suitable for most men. And so their balms are designed for use by all people including vegans.

Even those with very sensitive skins or extra thin beards will still find it not only user-friendly but also beneficial to their beard.

The scent is another thing that makes it outstanding because you will hardly find anything that smells better than it especially if it is made purely from natural products like this balm.

The unique scent comes from the creative blend of lemon grass and mild tea tree. Apart from just smelling nice, these two ingredients also have other properties that will leave your facial hairs looking incredible.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

The natural oils like jojoba and argan are known to strengthen facial hairs and make them look healthy just after a couple of applications. With this balm, everything is natural, and it uses the actual products claimed and so you will notice the difference in just a couple of days.

This makes this conditioner very suitable for men with a thin and weak whisker. Apart from the added strength, this leave-in balm has an incredible shine making it perfect for men with dull and dry strands.

Dry facial hairs are unattractive because no matter how you style them they never look attractive but by applying a scoop of this balm will make all the difference.


Pros of this Conditioner

  • It is handmade in Colorado by men who know everything there is to know about the beard and hence guaranteeing that you only get a top quality product.
  • This balm conditions both the facial hairs and skin and so when using it you will never experience any irritation and itchiness.
  • Has Vitamin E(T50) that promotes hair growth and so it will help you get that length that you have always desired.


# 10 The B.I.G Company Conditioner

The B.I.G Company Conditioner

The manufacture and distribution of beard care products industry has a few dominant companies. And so most people do not expect a lot from new entrants. However, the B.I.G Company has proved that new entrants have a lot to offer, and they can also make some of the best products.

Although they have only been in operation for a couple of years, their beard conditioner has received more positive reviews than most others that have been around for many years.

Their conditioner combines common ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil extract, soybean wax and many other natural ingredients to create a product that works.

Although these ingredients can be found in many other products, they never work as the manufacturer claims because they are in small quantity, or they are not there. With this conditioner, you never have to worry about it not working as it is claimed because it has a 60-day money back guarantee.


What Makes It Special

What makes this conditioner unique is that it works exactly as claimed and to show just how confident the manufacturer is it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

In the beard care industry this is a very long guarantee, and so you have nothing to lose when you buy this conditioner because if it does not work, you will have your investment back with no questions asked.

Another unique thing is that it is made from simple everyday ingredients whose benefits are well known and so even before using it you know what to expect.

Most other products claim to be manufactured from unique ingredients, but they do not work. And so it is better to use a conditioner whose ingredients you know well and hence have an idea of the results to expect.


What Type of Beard Is It Best For

This is a general use facial hair conditioner, but it is probably more suitable for men who want to add some length to their beard. Its unmatched ability to strengthen and soften beard hairs help prevent breakages meaning that your beard will grow faster and healthier.

The different types of waxes used make it a perfect hold product that you can use to style even the shortest beard. Men who also have an issue with dandruff should turn to this conditioner, and they will never think about dandruff ever again.


Pros of this Conditioner

  • It is filled with nutrients that will be beneficial for both your skin and beard.
  • Moisturizes and conditions your beard to give you a bold look.
  • Has an executive spicy scent that will make your beard smell better than most other conditioners.
  • You have nothing to lose because you can return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it in two months.


These 10 are just but a few of the best beard conditioners currently available on the market. There are still many others, but the best way to find one that works for your facial hairs is to know what you want whether it is growth, reducing irritation or just something to give you a shine.

Also, keep in mind that what work well for another man will not necessarily work for you, and so it is not a bad idea to try out a few.