60 Cool Ideas for Black Boy Haircuts – For Cute and Fancy Gentlemen

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# 5 Flat Top

Flat Top


This is a creative version of the box haircut. It sports a longer top that is professionally trimmed. The sides and back are given a low fade with a unique razor part that makes it even more elegant. This style is a perfect display of the shape up haircut.

# 6 Fade Cut with Curly Top

This style provides the elegance of a curly coarse top that extends to the crown. A medium fade cut adorns the sides and transitions into a skin fade that covers the occipital bone to the nape. A stylish surgical line is added to the side to create a statement.

# 7 Highlighted

This is a shape up haircut that has a longer top that is highlighted with a blonde tone to up its looks. The sides and back are cut down to the skin to create a perfect bald fade. Sharper linings give this haircut an edgy look.

# 8 All Natural

This haircut has the elegance of a naturally curly hair that provides a soft touch. It sports a sharp fade at the sides with razor surgical lines that make it simply cute and sweet.

# 9 Sleek and Clean

This is a creative version of the Mohawk haircut. It sports longer curly hair that extends from the top to the nape. A fade cut covers the temple region and extends back to the occipital bone. It is a sassy haircut for little boys who want to add more fun to their looks.

# 10 Laced Haircut

This is a super cute haircut that sports a highlighted top. The hair is curled to give it more visual volume and a soft touch. The faded sides are adorned with lovely artistic lines that really make a statement.

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