80 Examples of Stunning Bleached Hair for Men – How to Care at Home

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# 6 Blonde Half Pompadour with Grey Undercut Sides

Adam shows a slight difference in color between the top hair and the sides. The top hair has a blonde look while the undercut sides are bleached to create a grey look. The beard is left dark with blonde highlights.

# 7 Long Grey Hair on Top and Black Hair on Sides

The top hair is long and loose and bleached to give it a grey look. The undercut sides maintain their natural dark shade.

# 8 Shiny Silver Pompadour

This is a high pomp style that is bleached to give it that shiny silver look. It has undercut sides for added style and elegance.

# 9 White Quiff Top on Dark Base

The top hair is long, quiffed and bleached white. The base and the beards have their natural black appeal. The sides have a shade of grey color.

# 10 Totally Short Blonde

This hair is bleached to provide lots of shine. The base has a silver tone that matches well with the blonde highlights.

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