50 Eye-Catching Bowl Cut Designs – For Stylish Men

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# 6 Undercuts



Undercuts are top styles with footballers and you could try one too. With the sides given a close shave, the top is left to fall down but given a trim to expose the undercut on the sides. Hair is left straight to go with the brushed sides. This is a confident guy look and you would make a good use with one of these.

# 7 Neatly Tapered

Just like the name says, there is a show of neatness in this style. Sides are closely shaved and brushed smooth in preparation to the top patch which will be a direct contrast. Ball begins at the drop of the back head. A short section of it goes to the back while the larger section moves to the front. At the division of the front and the back sections, a rift is formed and it seems like a neat division that was intended. Sides do not get any considerable bowl effect but it is there to live to the name.

# 8 White Slits

For those with sparse top hair, a bowl cut is not such a difficult cut to have. Fall begins at the back drop of the head making way to the sides, the front and back. Front and sides are trimmed leaving the face and ears in the clear. Back fall is not trimmed as it runs to cover the neck region. Strands are divided into bundles of splits and it is a great appearance.

# 9 Colored Bangs

Adding color and pomp to your bangs is something you have done long time ago. May be you had no idea how to do it with a bowl and that is why this style is your best bet. Thick top mop is dyed to a shiny brown and dropped to cover the entire head. It is grooved to the sides of the ears to leave them in the open. Front bangs are touched to a slight side twitch and it is a finish that would give you a cute look to go for any occasion.

# 10 Faded Nape

Among the best bowls, faded nape would make a great impression on you. It starts at the top with a thick mop that fades as the fall goes down. At the beginning of the sides, it is trimmed to a smooth close cut and that is what creates the fading impact. The fade is given a curving impression which rises towards the front. It is a bewilderment to have such a cut. 

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