50 Charming Boys Long Hairstyles – For Your Kid

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# 6 Side Curls & Bangs

With the hair growing from the top downwards, the side curls look like scenic horns guarding around the head. Short bangs are pulled on the forehead but do stop abruptly before the eye brows. This is a look which can go for both casual and formal occasions.

# 7 A Fountain

This is one of the styles that seem to shed some years, and you’ll look younger. Straight strands drop from the top to fall slightly below the ear level. On the front, a bundle of locks from the part line is grown towards one eye but makes a smooth curve not to block the view. Both eyes are on the clear, and this is a break for a matrix of falls which surround the entire head from the sides and the back.

# 8 Wavy Perk

This waving style is top one even among celebs. The sides are shaved clear, and the top left untouched and grew upwards. It is stiffened and left with the natural or induced curls. It gives you confidence, and you look like you are ready for any challenge is thrown your way.

# 9 Downward Racings

The top is partly divided with a short line, and each side is allowed to fall in what seems like a race among strands. Covering the ears and the entire back neck, this gives that sex head crowded look. 3 or 4 sparse locks are allowed to fall to the forehead, but they are not of any significant size to block eye view.

# 10 Side Whirls

The top is parted asymmetrically, and each part falls downwards and allowed to curve inwards at the neck region. It looks like a mane around the neck. It brings out masculinity in a super way that every boy would wish for. The face is left in the clear exposing perfect cheek bones and glowing eyes. This is a collection of whirls that will leave you looking fabulous and free to get your hands dirt without the fear of hair falling to your front.

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