40 Heartwarming Bradley Cooper’s Hairstyles – Powerful Charm

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# 6 The Slick Back

There is nothing fancy about this hairstyle, and so any man with a short or medium hair can replicate it effortlessly. All that he will need to do is to apply a generous amount of gel to give the strands a perfect hold and then simply brush them back.

# 7 Stunning Shaggy Layers

Bradley can look good even with a bald head and in most cases he has to do little to create a polished look. In this style, for example, he has some medium size strands and all that he does is to brush them back in some shaggy layers.

# 8 Textured Messy Bangs

The shine on these strands and their texture is incredible, and they create an adorable headdress. With such a perfect hair you do not need any fancy styling because making them messy is enough.

# 9 Perfectly Tapered

The beauty of this hairstyle comes from the classic taper cut. Although the strands are very short one can still see their fantastic pattern and it makes Bradley look very sexy. And for styling, he only needs to give them a slight mess.

# 10 Gelled Side Sweep

Hair gel is an essential part of grooming, and you can also use it to create a stunning headdress like this one. In this style, it makes all the different as Bradley uses it to create a shiny and perfectly side-swept hairdo.

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