50 Brilliant Braided Buns for Men – Double The Style

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# 6 Precision Locks

Precision Locks

A loose French braid has been fashioned using his longer top locks. The hair has been combed back precisely into the style and the ends are tucked away at the back.

# 7 A Little On The Side

A Little On The Side

Slicking back your hair into a bun keeps it looking neat and out of the way, but why not jazz it up a bit by adding some small braids alongside the parting like this guy?

# 8 Signature Style

Signature Style

A pompadour look (height over the forehead) has been combined with braiding to create a signature style. The hair has been brushed up and back and a small tight braid was added on the side.

# 9 Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Dutch braids can help add height to a hairstyle as we see in this example. A large braid runs the length of the head and is tied up into a man bun at the back.

# 10 Colored Locks

Colored Locks

A little bit of color can make a hairstyle pop and this is a great example. The hair has been shaded in a dark to light ombre starting with black and fading into white. Then it was Dutch braided from front to back. 

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