50 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

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# 6 French Braid and a Pigtail

A pigtail at the end of a French jumbo braid in the middle of the head will make your braided hair look fantastic, but you should trim your sides and back to make the pigtail more visible. This style works well with a medium sized top hair because when weaved into a braid it will leave hair that is small enough to form a pigtail at the head crown.

# 7 The Viking Braids

The Viking Braids are a pair nicely done braids with each one of them occupying one side of the head. They work particularly well in very long hair since the Viking braids should flow all the way past the shoulders to finish the traditional look of a Viking warrior.

# 8 Viking Braids with a Man Bun

Although the traditional Viking braids still look good enough, you can enhance this appearance or give them a modern touch with a man bun. For this hairstyle, you should start with the two Viking Braids but instead of letting them flow all the way down you should pull them together to form a man bun at the center or back of the head.

# 9 The Neat Fishtail Braid

If you would like to have simple braids that do not involve a lot of weaving, then you should try this neat but simple fishtail braid. For this style, you should leave the long hair on the upper section of the head then shave the sides and back. Pull the hair together and weave it into a braid that starts from the crown.

# 10 Long Vertical Cornrows and a Beard

Long vertical cornrows that flow all the way to your back will look fabulous but when you pair them with oversized facial hairs, then you will look way much better. There is nothing fancy about getting this style as all you need is keep a full beard and long hairs that can be made into cornrows.

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