50 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

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# 11 Extra Long Viking Braids with a Fishtail

Add some spice to your Viking style by making braids more extended and finishing them both with a cute fishtail. This is a simple style to wear. All you need to do is to have an extra long hair that can be twisted into Viking braids. The fishtail is easy to make at the ends with a small hair band.

# 12 Messy French Braid and a Ponytail

The French jumbo braid that men like to have on the top part of the head does not have to be neat to look good. You can make yours messy and finish it with a ponytail for a unique look. This style works particularly well for men with wavy or curly hair as it is easier to make these types of hair messy.

# 13 The Side Braid Magic

A single braid made in the right place can totally change how you look and give you some class. The style starts with a simple long hair at the top that is pulled into a man bun, but the introduction of a single braid on the side of the hair takes the look to a different level.

# 14 Woven Fishtail

Here is another long hair style that any man who has some taste will appreciate. It’s quite simple to pull. All that is required is to weave the hair into a cute fishtail and then push the hair to the back. There are different methods of creating the fishtail but whatever you choose make sure that it looks like a fishtail in the end.

# 15 Dreads Twist Out Elegance

There are many things that a man can do with his fully grown dreadlocks, and so you should not be afraid to experiment with different things. In this style, the dreadlocks are twisted into a sophisticated center box pattern. The style may look complicated, but it should be pretty easy to create for experienced hands.

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