50 Masculine Braids For Long Hair – Be Unique & Stylish

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# 26 Side Swept Hair with 2 Simple Braids

Side swept hair looks good especially when done on thick, smooth locks, but you can make it more stylish with a couple of braids on the other half of the hair that is not side swept. You can have cornrows or two simple messy braids for this style just below the side parting line.

# 27 Unique Frontwards Cornrows

Ideally cornrows should flow backward but you can go out of the norm and braid yours in the opposite directions. Braiding your cornrows frontwards is an interesting and unique idea but be ready to have big braids all over your face. This style is particularly good for people who want to cover up something on their face.

# 28 Fully Braided Hairs and a Man Bun

For a neat and elegant long hairstyle, you should fully braid all your hairs and then pull them together in a big man bun. You can braid them any way you wish, but cornrows and French braids that are medium in size seem to go well with this style.

# 29 Jumbo French Braid with Close Shaved Sides

A French jumbo braid at the top part of the head is ideal for men who would wish to keep their hair level flat and without too much detail. The French braid should be simple but well done and combined with very closely shaved sides and back to make sure that all attention remains at your single eye-catching braid.

# 30 The Braided Faux Hawk

Men with long hair who love faux hawks and braids can have them both in one easy style. For this style, you should shave the sides and leave your long hair at the middle section of your head. You should then braid the hair and leave a fishtail at the end to complete a gorgeous faux hawk inspired long hairstyle.

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