50 Exquisite Ways To Wear Caesar Haircut – In 2019

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# 6 Spiky Bangs

You can create a Caesar hairdo with almost any hair type provided you are creative. In this style, the look is created with long spiky bangs that are maintained on the top section. Sides and back are then closely shaved. This style is best suited for men who like to keep long, voluminous hair.

# 7 Medium Length Fringe

This is another example of a famous style done on natural mane with almost no cut at all. The long fringes make it easier to wear this look, and it is almost effortless. And with right hair size you can even style hair with your hands. However, it is necessary to scissor trim hair to get the right length, and this design will only be possible on thick, voluminous hair.

# 8 Short & Simple Slick

The hair in this style is maintained at the same length with the facial hairs, and this is one of the things that make it amazing. Although locks are not as short as the facial hairs, they are trimmed to a length that will leave them on the same level as the facial hairs when brought forward. It is a pretty simple design to wear and it best suited for men who like to maintain uniform hair length.

# 9 Imperial Crown

People are always trying to come up with something different to do on their hairs. This style is an example of a well throughout haircut as it maintains very long crown hairs while the rest of the head is faded. The styling of the top hairs is what makes it interesting since it covers a larger portion of the forehead compared to other cuts.

# 10 Curly Caesar

Curly Caesar


Curly hair can also form a famous hairdo provided you know how to cut it and style it. For this look all you need to do is to maintain an equal length throughout that should be between two to three inches or longer if you wish to have more hair. After that, you should apply some hair product to curls and then style the hairs at the top forward and the rest to the back.

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