35 Smart Reasons To Wear Chinstrap Beard – Be Sexy

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Trim & Grow the Beard to Perfection

It does not matter whether you want to keep a full beard or a smaller section of it, you have to keep it trimmed at the right places. Here are ways that will ensure that you give your mane a deserving trim from time to time;

# 10 Trimming Tools

Trimming Tools


The first thing you need is a reliable, high-quality trimmer. This will make the work easy on your part and achieve desirable results.

# 11 Thorough Washing

Washing your beard before a trim is always advisable for it to grow to perfection. It keeps it moist and in good condition even after a close trim.

# 12 Dealing with the Mustache

Dealing with the Mustache


For your mustache, comb it downwards before a trim and ensure that you get it right with the edges. Having every strand in its place gives you a deserving outlook.

# 13 Mirror is Essential

A mirror is a crucial tool that will give you an assessment on where to trim and where to leave for a gorgeous finish.

# 14 Handling Intense & Close Trims

Handling Intense & Close Trims


Ensure that you get it right with the intense of the trim. A good and easy to handle beard shapelier will ensure that you have an even finish.

# 15 Keep True to Your Kind of Beard

If you want to have a refined and defining strap beard then you have to stick to your kind of beard. Give it a trim along its natural contours and you will always achieve desirable end results.

Quick Tips to Maintaining Chinstrap Beard

Tips to Maintaining Chinstrap Beard


Maintaining a nice look with your mane will vary from one person to another. There are those who only need a simple trim and they will be an attraction that the girls cannot resist. For others, it will be a process that takes time. But for the general handsome appeal, here quick tips to keep your beard appearance on the check:

  • Before you give your beard a trim or a shave, let it grow to almost 1cm outwards. For some, it may take weeks before reaching such a length but be patient.
  • A good trim should go close to the skin as it leaves a clear demarcation between the shaved and non-shave areas.
  • Tidying up the edges after you are done is crucial to the overall good impression. It clears any flaws you may have made with the razor and give your beard a professional finesse.
  • Do not try to copy others, since your style, type of beard and shapes of jaws are not the same in every person.
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