80 Powerful Comb Over Fade Hairstyles – Comb On Over!

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# 6 With A Fine Tooth Comb

Visible partings are fine, but if you want a more subtle look, try combing your longer locks over to soften the line. Just pair with a skin fade around the edges and comb the hair through.

# 7 A Different Parting

Instead of the parting dividing the long and the short hair, this short parting divides layers of longer locks while the skin fade occurs further down on the right-hand side. Add interest to your style by creating flowing lines around the face like this.

# 8 Uncluttered With Length

Keep your look uncluttered and retain the length like this guy has done. He is sporting a high stubble length undercut while the locks on top have been combed back and reach to the nape of the neck.

# 9 Brush Up On Style

In this look, the fade begins tightly around the ears with the hair increasing gradually in length outwards. The middle portion of hair is the longest and has been brushed up for a super smart look.

# 10 Up and Back

From this angle, we are able to see how the hair has been faded out along the sides. The hair is separated by a short parting and has the most length on the right. These locks have been combed straight back with a little lift over the front. 

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