45 Tasteful Crew Cut Hairstyles – Trendy Highlights

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# 6 Smooth Turbulence

The hair is making tidal impressions but at the same time, it is combed to a natural smooth finesse. The front makes a wavy groove that will keep eyes on your head.

# 7 Classical Flattop

The flatbed head style makes its way into this military cut and it is all greatness in every strand. It is combed into extreme smoothness and the short sides brushed to a flawless low-lying mat.

# 8 Spiky Look

Spiky Look


The cliff on the middle center section is spiked into an excellent appearance and fades into smooth sides. Adjoined with sideburns and thick under the chin, it is such a scenic appearance that spells your trendiness in boldness.

# 9 Hawk Finesse

It is long but there is an effort to make it lie towards the back forming a cliff from the front. Sides are shorted and brushed towards the back and it is a complete beauty.

# 10 Slanting Crown

Slanting Crown


It is high at the forehead line but then drops in attitude as it goes to the back. It then fades into acute shortness at the sides and the nape.

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