60 Sassy Curly Mohawk Designs – Outlandish Bad-boy Style

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# 6 Blowout Afro Curly Mohawk

You can blow out your top to get that full, kinky afro. The curled afro is shaped consistently all the way to the back. The sides are cleanly shaved with only a hint of a fade towards the crown. The full beard starts narrow at the detached side burn then goes on to become a full, rugged beard that is oozing masculinity. The whole look is intensely manly.

# 7 Full Top Curled Mohawk

The thick hair on the crown is heavily curled to look stylishly wavy. The sides are only slightly reduced but the shave is enough to emphasize the prominence of the top hair. It is a piece that incorporates both classiness and the bad-boy appeal as it teeters right on the edge of formal and informal.

# 8 The Dreadlocked Mohawk

Mixing up the rugged appeal of dreadlocks with the new-age bad-boy Mohawk look is as bold as it is ever going to get. The locks are thicker towards the front and long enough to fall over the brow. A sleek fade caps off this rugged look with crisp lines down the sideburns.

# 9 The Thick Curl Mohawk

The Mohawk is more muted in this style but it is still present. The hair on the crown is thick, treated curls that have a noticeable luster, which is part of the appeal. The sides are only slightly faded at the bottom all the way around with crisp cuts to outline the edges.

# 10 Frizzy Top Afro Mohawk

This edgy look entails a crown with a thick frizzy afro that boldly stands out all the way to the back. The sides are sharply faded towards the bottom and behind the ear, and a crisp trim is used to part the top from the side. The asymmetry brought about by the lopsided cut is also part of the flashy appeal.

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