45 David Beckham Hair Ideas – All Hairstyles Through The Years

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# 11 Wispy Fringe

This one keeps the hair light and thick enough. The wispy fringe style is done with a hairspray or a light pomade. During his return to LA Galaxy, after a loan in AC Milan, Beckham pulled off another amazing hair style that grabbed the attention of the media. It wasn’t much different from other hairstyles, but it was a top hairdo among the best men hairdos. He maintained his hair color, but the sides were levelled, and the top section was raised, with the strands standing towards the forehead.

# 12 Simple Hairband

Another hair style of the mid-2000s that entails a simple hair band used to push the hair towards the back. You can choose to push the hair to the midsection of the head, or to the bottom part of your nape. This was another way of keeping his hair simple by using a hair band as a part of his new hairstyle. The hairband was worn on different occasions, but mostly during his active professional football years. He wore the hairband while playing for the LA Galaxy, and also during his loan with Milan. This was in 2007 after he left Real Madrid for LA Galaxy, and later on in 2009, after he had cut his hair in late 2007.

# 13 Formal and Flawless

Becks pulled off this hairstyle, and he showed the world how you can look amazing for a formal occasion. The style is classic, but quite neat, making him look amazingly handsome. With this look, it is all about grabbing people’s attention. With a comb with fine teeth and a high-quality pomade, you will be sure of having this hairstyle. This was in 2013 after he retired from professional football.

# 14 Short Size with Peaked Fringe

This one looks almost like a Mohawk, but the hair is slightly longer, with a pointed fringe. This style makes Becks look young, and the brown color completes the look. The top section is peaked, and it draws more attention towards the eyes. He had this hairstyle in 2009.

# 15 Soft and Textured

Becks made another stunning hairstyle that is soft enough and textured. The hairdo goes along with well-groomed facial hair. He still maintains a soft side, with a spiky top part that is dark brown, with some light tones at the hair tip. The top part is raised and directed forward. Even with the facial hair, Becks looks amazing, and he grabs the attention of the media. During his time with PSG, Becks had this amazing hairdo that caught the attention of many people.

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