Top 10 Best Electric Shaver Reviews For Men In 2022

Shaving is one of the most uncomfortable routines that men have to put up if they want to maintain that sober look. The best electric shaver was discovered at the close of the 20th century.

Before that, razor shaving was the only way to shave hair and it was not such an experience that many people would like to go back to.

Back then men got irritation and after-shave rashes that took away their masculinity pride. Electric devices have now turned out to be a sweet song when it is shaving time. Those stuck with classic shaving will find these men’s toys very effective.

So, it is the time you invest in that shaver and bring some sense of style to your styling. In this article, you will learn all the things you need to know and then take you through the best 10 electric shavers in the market today.

# 1 Braun’s 7 790 cc – 4 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun 7 790 cc Electric Shaver review

If you have been shaving for years then you know it when you are looking at the best electric shaver. It happens that is what you are looking at now.

Braun’s series of electric shavers came into the niche of men’s styling and they made a lasting mark and here is one of the best pieces that they ever made. Build to be a best-seller, you cannot regret having such a piece in your shaving collection. But what makes it a leader among the pack?


Product Description

It is a wet-dry shaver made in the latest sonic technology. It is intelligently designed and as such will automatically increase power in situations it deems necessary. It is powered by lithium battery so you do not need the constant supply of conventional power.

For the shrewd man, this is the best thing that will not disappoint you in any way. Its reviews show it as the most gentle and efficient razor that will make good curves around the contours leaving a smooth and appealing appearance.

It is fully pivoted to give you a firm grip and you will cover all the areas you need without having to strain. It is built to adapt to the thickness of your beard and if need be it can go as intense as 10,000 micro-vibrations in a single minute.

Whatever kind of a cut you want is what you get. It comes with a separate cleaning and charging system. The cleaning station will sterilize, cleanse and lubricate your blades leaving them as sharp as the time you bought them.

You can use it in the shower since it has waterproof razors and this makes the cleaning easy when you are rushing somewhere. Developed and created in Germany, it has been tested and proved to be efficient and it will give you unmatched service for 7 years.


Appealing Features

  • 100% water resistant: if there is something crucial in any shaver is the way you have to clean it. This piece has water-resistant razors and you can immerse them in water to remove hair and accumulated dirt.
  • Separate cleaning station: Once in a while you would need to intensively clean your razor. The station comes with lubrication and disinfection provision. You leave the blades safe, clean, sharp and ready to give you a long-lasting service.
  • Smart sonic expertise: the shaver is intelligent thanks to the sonic feature that vibrates to shake off water drops and hair strands. It is able to increase and lower power as the thickness of hair varies. You do not need to do any adjustment to get the best cut in tight angles – it does that automatically.
  • Activated lift trimmer: you always have a problem when you want to get to hair at corners especially when it is lying flat. This piece has that one covered for you. The lift trimmer is able to pick the flat strands and have them trimmed to your preferred length.
  • Optimized foil razors: these ones will cut the hair as close as 0.05mm and that is a precision you will not find in many other types.


# 2 Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor

You probably have never had a doubt with any product that Panasonic has its hands on. That is true because they never get it wrong and that is probably because they have been in the electronics niche for as long as you can remember.

So, the Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor is one of the best pieces that you would wish to add to your shaving products. Made in futuristic technology, this piece is efficient.

It is no wonder that those who have bought it will never consider any other type for their shaving lifetime. You could also join this happy pack but first here is all that you need to know.


About The Product

The first thing you will love about this device is the sharp blades. Made in Nanotechnology, the blades never go blunt: they are safe and will give you the longest satisfying service that you will never enjoy from any other piece.

The precision is unmatched and it gets close to every strand and will do a wonderful job around the contours. Built for both dry and wet conditions, you can use it in the shower or outside and the promise of a great job is never affected.

It offers a friction-free contact and what more would you ask in a shaver that will cost relatively cheaper than most of the other types? It is adjustable hence able to adapt to different kinds of beard.


What Makes It a Top Buy?

  • Acute angled blades: most blades have their angles between 45 degrees to 90 degrees. For these ones, you may have a problem shaving at tight corners and angles. This Panasonic piece goes as low as 30 degrees with the blades. It will be able to make precise contours giving you a clear finish that will be noticeable from far.
  • Adjustable pivoting: you definitely know how hard it is to deal with a fixed head in a shaver. This top brand comes with an adjustable head feature – you can move it up and down, back and forth to bring on varying angles. It is such a mercurial piece that will give you all that you desire and you do not have to work for it.
  • High-speed revolution: the blades rotate at a rate of 13,000 revolutions per second. It does so without pulling or yanking up your hair leaving a nice sensation on your skin. You will be done in a moment and that would be such a plus if you are always in a hurry to get to a job or a meeting.
  • Wet and dry conditions: you can use it both in the shower and when you are out with no water. On both occasions, the results are not in any way blurred and you will always have that smoothness for ladies to fall in love with. This a top buy that you should never have a hard time making a decision.


# 3 Philips Norelco 6100 Shaver

Philips Norelco 6100 Shaver

You already know that the first futuristic electric shaver came from Philips if you remember the history of this essential shaving tool. They were partly the pioneers of the modern shaving electric piece and they have refined their experience to give you sleek devices that literally fly out of stock shelves.

It is no doubt that Philips Norelco 6100 piece is one of the best electric shavers that modern man will ever have to enjoy. It is created to a flexible nature and you will have an easy time with your shaving.

It takes on the curves and thick beards with precision. You would never imagine using another type because this one comes with voluntary addictive instincts.


About The Shaver

Coming from a series of other successful features, this is the ultimate shaving device that you should never think twice when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

It has an intelligent action system that will automatically adjust the blades around contours. It is fitted with the most secure blades that will go close to the skin to take a clean-cut but will be careful not to cause any physical harm to your skin.

Showcasing the best of Philip’s electronic expertise, this shaver comes with unrivaled comfort and ease of use. You do not need a guide on how to use it. This shaving tool has already made an impressive appeal to men who want class.

To guarantee you of its proficiency, the piece comes with a 2-year warranty but it will never come to this since it is designed to live long, giving you the best shave that you always desired.

The positive reviews from those who have used it are solid confirmation that you are not duped and the value of your money is taken care of.


King of Great Shaving Features

You should never make a purchase decision if you do not get thorough scrutiny of all the features you want in your shaving tool:

  • Dual precision head: the best quality in a shaver is its precision. This piece comes with a double-precision feature which is ideal for both long hair and those strands in holes. You will be left with a smooth shave to whatever length you find suitable.
  • Built-in Gyroflex 2-D close contour system: when it comes to following the natural contours of your beard, this shave has no match for the competition. It is created to leave your skin with a smooth uniform appearance. No nasty pulls and yanks. It is such an experience that will keep you longing for the next time you have to trim your hair.
  • Sensitive to touch: this is a smart product that will know what to do with different hair lengths and thickness. It has been updated to adapt to different hair types.
  • Designed for easy and firm grip: it is ergonomically developed to have a firm grip in your hand. You can move it to any angles and you will not feel any tinge of discomfort. There will be no pressure on your skin and you will not complain of any slight irritation.
  • A full package: It comes with a protective cap and a cleaning brush. You do not need any other addition since this is the full package to complete your shaving ensemble.


# 4 Philips Norelco 7310 Men Shaving System

Philips Norelco 7310 Men Shaving System

Philips is the undisputed king of electronics and that dominance is seen in its competitive shavers. They have made an impression among men and it is never such a hard decision to go for their products.


About The Shaving System

Do not be amazed by the scenario when pieces from Philips are taking back-to-back top positions in the top 10 list. It shows that any product from this brand is destined to the greatness that many men have discovered and they would not think of changing their choice of brand.

Philip’s 7310 shaving system has been thoroughly tested and whatever it says in the paper is what it will exactly do. Created to match the needs of the stylish man, there is everything that you would wish for in your shaving ensemble.


Attractive Features

  • Comes with the best cordless experience: you do not need to have it always plugged to use it. It is powered by the lithium-ion battery and you can have the flexibility to move it at all angles when it is not connected. For a quick shave, 2 minutes of charging is adequate for a single shave. 1 hour of charging will give you a cordless shaving experience for 40 minutes.
  • Low power display: you can always tell when your shaver is running low on power. The clear display will show a red light alert and it is time to plug for charging.
  • Wet-dry option: it is upon you to make the decision for the kind of shave you want anytime. The AquaTec seal is your ticket to choosing what kind of a shave you want. It is such a therapeutic experience.
  • Double blades with a lift-cut feature: you can take your trims to as close as you desire. The double blades leave no strand untouched. It is designed to go as close to the skin as possible and no chances of skin irritation. The lift-cut effect is for flat-lying hair as well as the strands which protrude from skin holes. You have all the angles and corners taken care of.
  • Frictionless skin glide: irritation and rashes happen because of your shaver presses and pulls the skin. This has no chance in this piece. It is developed with a flawless skin glide that will leave it soothed to natural smoothness.
  • Absolute precision trimmer: you do not want a shaver that will tamper with your stylish sideburns and mustache. That is why this shaving system comes with a precision trimmer option that will only touch your sideburns and mustache leaving its dalliance for the observant ladies to appreciate your masculinity.

If you are the kind of guy that wants to make a statement with your facial hair, here is the best choice. It comes as a full package and your shaving needs are covered for the next couple of years.


# 5 Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 with Neutrogena Sunscreen

Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 with Neutrogena Sunscreen

You already know that Philips dominates the top list of every best electric shaver. But such a tag does not come for the sake of it, they know how to do it.

The Philips Norelco shaver 3500 is such a product that will be an excellent addition to your shaving collection. It is made with your comfort in mind and it promises to give you the best experience. You know where this is coming from – the early ages of the development of the modern electric shaver.


Great Features

Starting from the general appearance, you can tell that this is a kind of cut from a different cloth from the rest of the shavers you have seen in the market.

It is designed for easy use and you will have it going your way with every shave you have. This is a modern-oriented product and for those with discerning needs, they will like it to the core.

It is such a powerful product that once it was in the market for the first time, the demand was higher than what was in the market. The results are phenomenal that someone can tell what kind of a shaver you use.


Product Description

  • Dual precision blades: no pressure on the skin, non-pulling and yanking with this piece. It is designed to give you a smooth shave as close as you want and you do not suffer the wrath of irritation and rashes. For both long and short hair, this is the ultimate weapon.
  • Pop-up trimmer: if you do not look closer, you may miss noticing that this shaver comes with an integrated trimmer. It only pops up when you need to use it. It is the best suited for stylish mustache and sideburns. This is a top-notch feature that many men would want to have it every other time they shave.
  • Floating and flexible system: every guy wants convenience when they shave. Such is so important that Philips has ensured that this comes to your way with this genius creation. You can adjust your piece as you wish. This is a real catch and you’ll definitely love what comes your way.
  • Powerful Lithium-ion battery: sometimes you will need to travel and you have to keep your facial hair looking great always. This piece comes with a battery that can last for 45 minutes of continuous shaving. Your beard only needs a minute shave and you are done. Therefore, you have the power to last you for almost a week. You only need to charge your tool for 8 hours before you travel and your week-long journey will not be such a discomfort.
  • Oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen: this is to take care of your aftershave effects. It is such an advantage that you will not need to find any other products to take care of your skin afterward. Such are features that many guys like and you will know why once you have it at your service.


History of Electric Shavers

Many centuries ago, men used to shave without water and soap. They did this with sharp objects which they could make by then. With the discovery of electricity and electronics, inventors had the vision to bring some dignity into what and how men shaved their hair.

This was the humble foundation on which the electric shaver was discovered and released for commercial purposes. After the discovery of this crucial device, there were many attempts to come with different variations.

This led to the first patent on electric shaver in 1898. The typical model in the market by then was Lek-tro-shav which was the best product and dominated the market up to 1910.

It had to be connected to a lightbulb so as to function and this was a laid back technology that would soon be replaced by a better model. In the 1920s, the Vibro-Shave was developed. It had a magnet handle with a spring and it was better than its predecessor.


It was not until 1921 that what would evolve into the modern shaver was created. This was credited to one U.S army officer, Jacob Schick.

Before his breakthrough, Schick had developed a shaving device that ran on the external motor but after it lacked to make a good impression on the market he ditched the idea and began to try a new path. He began with a magnet repeating razor which was the forerunner to the more futuristic injector razor.

Following the success of his razor, he began his company by 1926 and it made quite an impression on the shaving market. His early success did not stop his ambition to invent something better. His next challenge was to develop a dry shaving blade and that he achieved by 1927.


The Details in Schick’s Electric Shaver

Compared to today’s design, his invention is primitive but at the time it was the best shaving device in the entire world. It had an electric motor that was connected to the head through a shaft that would be bend as one wished. The head was fitted with cutters that once the device was on, moved back and forth giving a clean cut.

By the close of the 20th century, he started his second company Schick Dry Shaver Inc. and this was dedicated to marketing his brainchild. Although it started slow, the shaver went ahead to win the hearts of the public.

He continued to upgrade his model and by 1935 he had created the Schick Model S which within 2 years had sold at least 1.5 million single units.

Schick Model S

By the 1930s, many other inventors and companies had come up with their own devices and competed with Schick’s products. Some of the major companies by then included Sunbeam Shavemaster, Rolls Razor Viceroy, Remington Model E, and Arvin Consort.


Of the best companies was Royal Philip Electronics which under the patronage of an engineer named Alexandre Horowitz developed the rotary electric shaver called Philshave shaver.

Basing his developments on Schick’s ideas, Horowitz developed the first rotary razor blade which turned out to be one of the most phenomenal inventions towards modern shaving technology. It dominated the market in 1939 and it was a huge welcome by men who had for years tried to find a convenient and painless shaver.


The Best General Types of Electric Shavers and Their Advantages

There are two general types of electric shaving devices. Both varieties come in different shapes that dictate their efficiency and how they are used. They are rotary and foil shavers.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary Shavers

For your sensitive skin, here is a piece that will not pound pressure on it and will contour around it for easy styling. This is the best device you need if you have long hair and you usually do your trimming once in a week or a few times in a month.

The major advantage is that they come with better styling features and they do a good job with longer hair. They also do not make noise as you use them and this is a feature that many people would go for.

The downside for these pieces is the fact that they do not give you the close cut you need and once you are done you’ll have to clean it harder.


Foil Shavers

Foil Shavers

The efficiency of foil cutters come down to the number of blades it has. The first kind had a single blade and it was not as efficient as its successors that had more blades.

In modern time, these shavers have 2, 3 or 4 foil blades and efficiency increases with the number. For instance, a 4-blade cuter would be more efficient than a 2-blade piece. The kind of piece you buy is determined by your skin sensitivity and the thickness of your hair.

Those with less sensitive skin and sparse hair would be fine with a single blade. On the other hand, the lot with thick beards and sensitive skin would need a piece with more blades.

Their outstanding advantage is that they give a really close-cut and it is ideal for those who shave daily. On the low side, foil blade shavers are not good with long hair.


# 6 Braun Series 7 760cc-6 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 760cc-6 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun series has been in this business for long and they have become a master of the electric shavers. Their 7760cc piece is one of the best you will get in the market for such a low asking price.

Do not be duped by its competitive pricing since there is greatness hidden within its potential. It is never a bad decision to choose Braun as your brand and specifically this piece.


About the Product

Among the foil shavers, this is the most intelligent piece that will ever grace the shaving world. Its sonic idea technology is one of the best features that you should be looking forward to.

You will have power automatically adjusted where the hair gets thick and with acute contours. It comes with a chargeable lithium battery and once you charge it you can have its loyal service when you travel.

Your convenience and comfort were in the designer’s mind and it fits in your shaving needs just like it was made specifically for you. It comes in 3 different models and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

There is one for the sensitive skin, the other for thick beards and the last for those who want to style their facial hair into intense aesthetics.


Its Admirable Features

  • Synergized optifoil: here it is where the shave can go as close to the skin as 0.05mm and you will not have any skin irritation. You would love how you look after a shave and that the look men want to flaunt to the girls in their social circles.
  • Created in sonic technology: you do not need to adjust the blades or increase power manually as the tool does that for you. It automatically increases power when the hair gets dense and around curves. This is topmost sought feature in modern shavers if you do not want to do a lot when you can let your razor do the harder job for you.
  • Outstanding cleaning and power station: your safety and convenience are something that rarely come with most shavers. But here you have that catered for. The cleaning system is one touch feature that will disinfect and lubricate your blades. This keeps them sharp and they will serve you for long.
  • Activated lift trimmer: it is never a good look when you have a non-uniformed shave. It directly says that you have used a poor quality razor. You do not want this embarrassment when you meet your friends or even worse when you go on a date. This Braun’s piece comes with a lifting trimmer that will deal with flat hair. It goes further to trim your hair around and inside holes.
  • Great for personalization: you have 3 different models to choose for your needs. For your sensitive skin, you have a definite choice and for once you will forget irritation and rashes.
  • Flexible shaving system: the head is fully pivoted to allow flexibility in all the shaving elements. You will have what you need with a simple adjustment and that is the genius behind this creative piece.


# 7 Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D Razor

Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D Razor

Once more, Philips gives you a reason to enjoy your shaving time. This time, it is not a shaver as usual since in Senso Touch 3D razor you have a collection of features that you will never find in any other shaver.

Talk of the best electric shaver and men who know this piece will make an affirmative reference to it. The details are in the features and you will be a judge to its greatness.

But if you have ever used a product from Philips before then you do not need so much convincing to make the gentlemen choice and buy this tool.


Product Description

It is a wet and dry piece that will be ready to use whether you are in the house or you are miles away traveling. It has a 3-track shaving system that gets closer to every strand.

The blades and Gyroflex 3D contours will groove all corners leaving your beard in a uniform appearance. It is convenient and flexible, both of which are making it a top seller in the market today and now you know that this is not just an ordinary shaving system.


Unrivaled Features

If you want to attest to the excellency in a shaving system then you would better know what features you should be looking for. For this piece, you will not have to look harder to know whether what you are looking at is the best product in the market. Here is the look at the features and you will make a purchasing decision way before you reach the last;

  • Wet and dry shaver: your shaving is not limited to one way since you can decide what you want. You can go dry or wet and in both cases, you get the best shave that you have not had in a while. If you like it in the shower then go ahead and have it your way.
  • Ergonomically optimized: you can tell the quality of the piece you are holding by what it feels to have it in your hand. This shaving tool has a firm grip and you can control it as you want.
  • Comes with a pop-up trimmer: for your mustache and sideburns, you do not have to break a sweat trying to get the contours right. The pop-up trimmer will get this done for you and you will be left with facial hair to flaunt and make those without beards want to take after you.
  • Cordless, therefore, ideal for traveling: you should not look shabby just because you are traveling. This cordless machine will be at your service wherever you go anytime. You need to charge it for 1 hour and you have 50 minutes of continuous shaving. This means that you can have a close to a week of shaving when you are not near any power supply.
  • Designed into international power codes: this piece can work for power ranging between 100v to 240v. This makes the best travel companion for any country you may be traveling to.
  • Gyroflex 3D contouring: voted by men as the best for contour shaving, this is the shaver you should be investing in. The contours are given a close tender cut leaving no room for rashes. It is such a thrilling experience and once you buy this shaver you would be investing in any other product for a good number of years to come.


# 8 Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Hands up for Panasonic for coming back with this futuristic device that is not a bargain whether you need it in your shaving collection.

Whether you are discerning or you are someone who will go with any shaving tool, here is a piece that will change your perception forever. It is made to last and gives you what you will never get in any other shaving system.


About the Product

This is a sleek device that is created ergonomically to give you so much comfort every other time you want to tame your masculine facial hair. It gives you a fast service and you can never be late simply because you had to take a minute longer with your beard.

With a pop-up trimmer and ultra-sharp blades, you have your beard angles taken care of. You would not want to miss what is promised here. You can pack your bags for your long journey rest assured that your looks will be perfect especially if you are going somewhere you would wish to make a great first impression.

The countless reviews on this product are a clear indication of the outstanding qualities that you may be missing. If you are not yet convinced to buy this product then the features may help you make an easy decision.


The Genius in Features

  • 30 degrees Nanotech blades: if you have been keen to observe the angles in shaving blades then you must know most of them come between 45 degrees to 90 degrees. That is why you have had a problem with getting a close cut even when you try so hard. But Panasonic Arc4 takes your concerns seriously. The blades are angled at 30 degrees and this is a stark closeness that will leave you with a smooth aftershave skin.
  • Multiple pivoting heads: flexibility is such a great attribute in your shave that you should not overlook it when you go out shopping for a shaving system. For this piece, you can adjust the head positions for different contours like under the jaws, sideburns, and the mustache.
  • Dual motor system: the blades can move to the sides, backward and forwards. It does so with a smooth motion and you will not feel any pressure on your skin. This is what you get from the double motor which is an addition to make this device even greater.
  • Split-foil: this is the feature for those with long beards. It grasps them with tenacity and ensures that they are trimmed to uniformity. It goes as close as the follicles but you will not have any adverse effects on your skin.
  • Peak performance at all times: whether the battery is fully charged or just about to die, you will have the shaver performing at the highest level.


# 9 Philips Norelco Shaver 4100

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100

Enough said about Philips but you cannot dismiss their dominance in making the best electric shaver whenever they commit to creating a device for your convenience and comfort.

This is the leader of all shaving needs and you can tell that by looking at its physical make. It protects your skin and at the same time gives you that shave you’ve always wanted.


About the Device

You already know the characteristics to look for in your shaver. But you did not know that it can get better than you thought. This piece has more than you could ask for: contemporary technology, oozing convenience and unshaken safety.

Its precision for a close shave will leave you in awe and the pop-up feature is why mustache and sideburns lovers can never keep away their hands from this piece.

It would be objective to vote this as the best shaving system and if the features are anything to go by then you can have your say too.


Best Features

If you have an eye for quality products, then you will not need a second look to pass a fair judgement on this Philip’s creation;

  • Entirely washable creation: for most of the shavers you will have to disintegrate them so as to clean each part on its own. But for this one, you can clean it as a whole piece. It is made for an easy wash and that is what a busy guy like you would want.
  • Wet and dry feature: whether you have the shaving gel or not, you will not miss a deserving shave. It is developed to work both in wet and dry conditions. You can use it wherever you want and it never disappoints.
  • Floating and flextech: it would be such a hectic job if you will have to manually adjust your blades for different angles and curves. Here you do not have to undergo all that trouble since the head system can adjust itself automatically. Such flexibility is worth your every buck you are paying.
  • Dual precision: there is the tendency of every shaver’s product description to cite its precision but you will be disappointed once you make your purchase. If you are looking for a true precision which never wanes with every shave then the dual precision is what you should go for. And where else would you get it other than in this Philips’ master piece?
  • Cordless handiness: once you have your machine charged for 1 hour then you have adequate power to last you for a week. Whether on the road or at a remote place, your beard will never get shabby for the slimmest of excuses.
  • Patented lift effects: it is such a flawed shave when some of the hair on your beard is longer than others. You need a uniform look that can only be given by this shaving tool. It does not leave your flat hair to its own devices but lifts it with this feature. Besides, hair in skin holes is also trimmed to the same length as the rest.


# 10 Panasonic ES8243A Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8243A Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Once again, Panasonic is here in the top 10 giving you yet another dimension to shaving. The ES8243A shaver is entirely a deviation from the ordinary design and it is all for your comfort and convenience.

But it would be misleading to give such a praise to something you know so little about so be a guest and walk through the details in the product outlined here for you.


General Info

What you are looking at is what modernity has done to the evolution of the humble electric shavers, giving it precision, safety, and convenience. With Nanotechnology blades, you can have the closest of shaves you may want and get no irritation or rashes.

Created in a rotary foil, this is the easiest decision of a shaver you will ever have to make compared to what you receive in return.


Definitive Features

  • 30-degree Nanotechnology blades: when it was said that this was a deviation from the ordinary shaving systems, it was meant to the last word. While other shavers come in 45-90 degrees for their blades, this product takes the game further to as low as 30. For those who love a close cut here is the most efficient that will give you just that effortlessly.
  • Rotary motor system: for that soothing shave that never pulls your hair you can’t ask for a better answer than what you are getting here. The rotary system moves the blades in a circular motion leaving a ‘cool’ sensation on your skin.
  • Replaceable accessories: of all the top 10 shavers discussed none of them comes with the option of accessories’ replacement. The inner blade, foil and combo set can be replaced and return your system to as good as new. Experts recommend that you do the replacements once in a year to keep the blade’s precision at their top game. If that is not a real turn-on that will compel you to make the purchase today then you should have a revision of your priorities.
  • Flexibility on the head: to get the curves and contours right, the shaving head can be adjusted to different positions.
  • Stainless steel blades: since you will most likely use this piece in wet conditions, the stainless feature ensures that your blades are safe and in perfect precision. Your protection is first and then other things follow in order of priority.

Now you can go to the market and buy the best electric shaver. You also know how far the history of this device you enjoy today has come from a humble beginning.

Well, it happens that there is also some crucial information that you should add to your knowledge before you make your way to purchase one of these best market sellers.

So what is there more you should know? Here is the nitty-gritty that many people end up missing and it becomes a big deal once they get something that will not do what they wanted. You do not want to be in that position.


Features to Look For in Electric Shavers

It is a norm for contemporary electronics to come with varying features. Before you commit to paying more for such features, it is important you understand the advantages that come to you with what you buy. Some are just on paper and you should have an eye for such duping.



  • Dry cleaning: these shavers do not qualify for wet conditions. They are accompanied by a cleaning brush that is inserted in between the blades to remove the stubble after shaving. For your information, these types are only a few in the market and the ones that exist are almost getting kicked out of use. It would be a bad decision to buy such a piece when the world is moving forward to more compatible and better-performing types.
  • Wet cleaning: if you have sensitive skin then you should focus on shavers with the best cleaning features. Most blades that can be used in wet conditions can as well be rinsed underwater. Most of the wet types come with a sonic feature that vibrates to shake off any tagging hair and water to leave the blades clean. You do not have a hard task at the end of the day cleaning it. However, this may be a better feature but it has its weakness too.
  • The best wet shavers should come with a separate cleaning station. These cleansing stations offer sterilization and controlled drying which leaves the shaver in excellent condition. You also get lubrication that keeps the blades serving you for long. To get the aside cleaning station, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket but that is not a bad thing since you get the value for your money to the last cent.


Ergonomic Features

It is worth noting that the type of shaver you buy is not the only determinant to your comfort when you shave. You may find that a foiled piece with prominent features is better than a rotary bladed one with poor features. For assured efficiency, here are the features you should look for in what you buy:

  • Moisturizing effect: some shavers come with an in-built moisturizer and it is such a good idea to deal with rashes.
  • Coated blade: it is not just enough to have the blades coated with stainless steel. Some pieces are further reinforced with hypoallergenic material that prevents occurrences of rashes and allergies.
  • Head pivoting and flexibility: the more flexible your shaver is the more it will be able to make fine contours and it will not press your sensitive skin.
  • Motor’s power: a power shaver’s motor means that you will not have pulls and tugs that will make your experience painful.
  • Travel features: if you travel a lot then you would not want to trim your beard. Most shaving pieces come with protective caps. But you may need a traveling case if you travel frequently.


Power features

Different pieces come with different powering features. There are those that can only be used when plugged onto power and others will work when both plugged and not plugged. This is something you would wish to consider before you buy your piece. Here are the feature options for you;

  • Rechargeable option: These ones are plugged into power to charge. You cannot use them when plugged. They can keep the power for 1-2 weeks.
  • Battery option: this is preferred by those who travel but its usefulness has been overtaken by the rechargeable types.
  • Mains option: without power, you cannot use this type. They will only serve you when they are plugged. They are not ideal for travelers.
  • Mains-cum-rechargeable: this is the most convenient type. It can be used when plugged as well as cordless. When plugged, it recharges and it can store power for as many as 7 consecutive shaves without recharging.


Efficiency and Durability

Every brand wants to sell their shavers and that is why on paper each type looks great. But the real details are in what usefulness and efficiency it brings your way

For your safety and convenience, get a type that comes with at least 2 years of guarantee. Remember that your skin may take a few days before it gets used to a new shaver.

Do not be in hasty to dismiss your new shaving piece because it may be the best for you but needing time to get accustomed. Do not be amazed if it takes as long as 3 weeks to get the best out of your new shaver but when it does you will love the experience.


How to Maintain an Electric Shaver

If you got all the features right and finally you have a master shaving piece, you will need to take care of it. You should clean it once you are done. If you got a separate cleaning station then you got all your worries covered.

Do thorough disinfection and lubrication and you will never have any problem. It will be enjoyable to the last strand and you will wish that your hair grew overnight.

You now have a secret that many men would wish to have: the best piece to choose for your shaving needs. With this 10 each of the best electric shaver, your shaving has no reason to be painful or cause you any discomfort.

Each of the pieces here is expertly scrutinized and reviewed by guys who have had the first-hand experience in using them. Therefore, when you make your decision on what to buy just know that you are not being duped for any sake.

Keep your eyes on this space for more thrilling updates on the best trending products and fashion styles. Assuming that you have already made a pick for your shaver, you have your hair taken care of.

If you are yet to make a decision, do not wait any moment longer. By far, you can now make the best purchase of an electric shaver. You have all the information you would have wished to know.

Go ahead and make your purchase today and enjoy that smooth cut. Goodbye to rough shaving and here comes smooth and therapeutic trimming.