75+ Attractive Facial Hair Styles – New Modern Trends

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# 6 Verdi with Stubble

Every other time you pass a guy with this style, you always turn to see the details. Verdi with stubble is an excellent choice that will leave your face exuding confidence and beauty. In this look you have more visible mustache and goatee, cheeks are covered with stubble. Hair on a head is bound into a single mop and then drawn backwards. A disguised pony tail is knotted at the back. It is a style you do not have to bother with extensive maintenance.

# 7 Neat & Short

It is a neat and short style that can go for any occasion whether formal or a casual-guy event. You don’t need to spend much time on beard styling, some trimming and you’re good to go. Paired with formal haircut, the look will give you ladies’ attention.

# 8 Barely Visible Goatee

If you’re still not sure whether to have full grown beard or not, you can easily try this style out. The goatee would not be noticeable from far and it is an intention by the stylist. Also this is a design that a guy would need for a starring look.

# 9 Hipster’s Mustache

A cleverly done mustache is a turn-on that you would want as you take a stroll in the streets on a casual weekend. The mustache is styled into what looks like bull’s horns over the top lip. The look is completed with a deserving haircut with cleaned sides and a backward combed top.

# 10 Colored Head

The head sides and the trimmed beard are colored into a shiny blue while the top patch is left in natural black. It is a very brave image and you should think first before you try it. Sides are shaved smooth while a top is left in medium size. The forehead ends up as the front of a cave and your stunning beauty is left for the ladies to see it bare.

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